Roots of Pacha – Every Romanceable Character

Roots of Pacha players can romance a wide variety of NPCs. The special relationship formed can eventually end in marriage.

Roots of Pacha Romance Guide

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The ability to meet, romance, and marry NPCs in slice-of-life simulation games has remained a popular and sought-after mechanic. Thankfully, Roots of Pacha includes a wide cast of romanceable villagers players can get to know.

Like in Stardew Valley and recent Story of Seasons games, players can romance any eligible NPC regardless of their playable character’s gender identity. This ensures fans can pursue any villager they find interesting while playing characters that represent their own experiences.

Here is a list of every romanceable character players can choose to get to know in Roots of Pacha.

All Romanceable Characters in Roots of Pacha

Soda Den
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Below are all the romanceable characters from the Pacha Tribe.

Roots of Pacha EraEraShe/HerTBATBA
Roots of Pacha FrerFrerHe/HimTBATBA
Roots of Pacha GarrekGarrekHe/HimTBATBA
Roots of Pacha IbonIbonShe/HerTBATBA
Roots of Pacha IlloeIlloeShe/HerTBATBA
Roots of Pacha JelrodJelrodHe/HimTBATBA
Roots of Pacha JukkJukkHe/HimTBATBA
Roots of Pacha ManaManaShe/HerTBATBA

Below is the romanceable character from the Yakuan Tribe.

Roots of Pacha KrakKrakHe/HimTBATBA

Below is the romanceable characters from the Mograni Tribe.

Roots of Pacha ToukToukHe/HimTBATBA
Roots of Pacha VallahVallahShe/HerTBATBA

How to get married in Roots of Pacha

To get married, or form a “union”, in Roots of Pacha, players will need to reach ten Flowers with their desired partner.

This can be done by giving the characters gifts, talking to them frequently, and eventually raising friendship enough to invite them to dance.

At the time of this writing, we have not yet reached the point of marriage. This guide will update as more information about proposals and children become available.

Can you have children in Roots of Pacha

It is possible to have a child in Roots of Pacha once a home is fully ungraded and the player has entered a “union” with another character.

Players will need to care for their infants, with certain status effects impacting their day-to-day chores. However, they will also be able to teach them how to talk, walk, and appreciate the world.

According to the Steam devlogs for the game, players can raise a newborn to a toddler with plans for further family updates in the future. This post-date content doesn’t currently have a release date but could come sometime during the middle or end of 2023.

Can you get married in co-op

Players can marry each other in multiplayer, as well as have children they can raise while playing together. This feature could also get expansions when the post-launch content becomes available.