Royal Match Cheats (All Tips and Tricks to Master Every Puzzle)

Royal Match is a tough as nails puzzle game that forces players to think outside the box. Fortunately, there are ways to make it easier.

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Royal Match crowns itself as the king of puzzle games, giving players a near-endless set of devious puzzles to work through that push users to their limits. However, sometimes, these puzzles are simply too much of a challenge, and cheats are needed.

Puzzle games can be thoroughly enjoyable for those who like to get their head stuck into a problem for hours on end until they find the solution by themselves. We adore puzzle games with a story, such as Tricky Doors, but sometimes it’s nice to zone out and solve just one puzzle on-screen without needing to keep track of items from around an entire world. The problem is that we often reach a point when we need Royal Match cheats because we’re too frustrated to wait and solve a puzzle any longer.

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Are There Royal Match Cheats I Can Use?

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No, there aren’t any Royal Match cheats for players to use to skip puzzles or make them any easier. The game isn’t like Coin Master, where Free Spins are handed out to keep players engaged day after day. However, there are ways that players can make Royal Match easier, and each method is completely legitimate.

All Royal Match Cheat Tips & Tricks to Make The Game Easier

We’ve listed every method we know of that players can use as Royal Match Cheats to help them get through more puzzles and find the game easier below. Note that these are legitimate workarounds and strategies, not cheats that would compromise the essence of fairness.

Don’t Try to Speed Through Levels

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Rushing puzzles in Royal Match is a mistake we make way too often. The game encourages players to smash through as many puzzles as possible as quickly as they can. But this can lead to sloppy puzzle-solving and even failure. Take a moment to assess the puzzleboard before trying to do anything. Otherwise, players might end up with a puzzle they’re not entirely satisfied they completed.

Solve Royal Match Puzzles the Smart Way

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Every match three puzzle game tempts players into starting to solve them by working from the top down. This is the inferior way to solve these puzzles, though. We like to think of it in the same way as Tetris. In Tetris, players begin with a blank board and pieces fall down. As they do, players can manipulate them for an easy line when they land, removing a lot of work later on.

Match three puzzles don’t follow the exact same formula, but the principle is the same. If players work from the bottom to the top, solving parts as they go, then they might get a few matches as new pieces drop in from above. It relies a little on luck, but it’s also what we see as the smartest way to play.

Complete the Objective, Not the Puzzle

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It’s so tempting to play Royal Match as a match three game and nothing else. However, some puzzles have different objectives, and it’s important not to neglect those. The puzzle won’t be solved unless that objective is, so focus on completing the objective and don’t get bogged down in the core gameplay that might not be relevant.

Make the Most of Royal Match Boosters

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Holding onto items in Royal Match is a good idea, but so is using them. Some puzzles can beat us no matter how hard we try to solve them. In the interest of preserving the fun we find in this great little puzzler, we find it’s better to use boosters such as TNT to effectively skip a puzzle, or at least the hardest part of it, before it kills our enthusiasm for the game.

As a reminder, the boosts available for players to use are as follows.

  • Rocket: Players use this to remove a row or column of tiles depending on their intention. Made by matching four tiles in a horizontal or vertical line.
  • Propeller: Destroys tiles in a ‘+’ shape and randomly removes one tile related ot the current quest. Earned by matching four tiles in a square.
  • Light Ball: A powerful item that destoys all tiles of a single color. Created by matching five tiles in a horizontal or vertical line.
  • TNT: Creates a 3×3 explosion that destroys all tiles in the radius. Players earn these by making matches shaped like an L or a T.

Preserve Precious Resources for the Hardest Levels

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Even if a puzzle seems too difficult to solve, it’s worth holding off on using any resources to skip it and trying to solve it just one more time. While above we’ve recommended to use these resources, we don’t mean they should be thrown away as soon as they’re acquired. Instead, we like to preserve the resources we have until we’ve been trying to solve a puzzle for an hour or so. Then, we feel like we’ve tried our hardest and have earned the help.

Why Are There No Royal Match Cheats?

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The reason there are no Royal Match Cheats is because the game has a competitive element. Fairness must be maintained if players want to feel as though they can compete effectively against anyone, no matter how high they are on the leaderboard.

If Royal Match Cheats did suddenly become available, we’d expect to see the player base disappear overnight. We don’t enjoy playing any online games against others if they’re using cheats or hacks. It ruins the fun. Royal Match is engrossing because it’s fair, and that’s thanks to a stringent line the developer toes on steering away from cheats.

Are There Royal Match Hacks I Can Use?

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Yes, some websites advertise Royal Match Hacks, but these can be dangerous. Not only do these websites ask for personal user data that is almost certainly then sold to data brokers, but they can also install harmful software on mobile devices or gain access to information users may not want to share, such as emergency contacts and GPS details.

We never use third-party websites that offer illegitimate hacks or cheats, especially if the websites look questionable. It’s better to either give up playing a game or take a break and come back with a clear mind to try to get around the puzzle or problem that forced players to go looking for cheats and hacks.