Sea of Stars Derelict Factory: All Puzzles, Key Items & Chests

Sea of Stars’ Derelict Factory dungeon has a new look, different puzzles and even a new chest design.

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Sea of Stars boasts a massive, ever-expansive world full of mythic creatures and gorgeous pixel-art environments. With each new discovery, you’re struck by an exciting blend of the familiar and the uncharted. However, there is one unexpected twist to highlight: the sudden dimension hop into a sci-fi world.

This interdimensional sea expedition washes you up on the shores of the Derelict Factory, a dungeon with a very striking, futuristic look. The environment, the chests, and the enemies look different, making for a challenging dungeon full of puzzles.

Sea of Stars: Derelict Factory Walkthrough

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The first step to progress in Serai’s sci-fi, moonless world is to leave the Derelict Factory. This would be as simple as hopping into an elevator and leaving, but for plot and puzzle-solving purposes, the elevator is broken. To repair it, a couple of items are necessary. Here are all the steps to enter the Derelict Factory in Sea of Stars and exit it with all the treasure chests in this area.

Climb the platforms to the left and jump down from the highest red ledge to break the glass floor.
Open the chest on the right to get the Sashimi Recipe.
Press the red button on the opposite side of the room to open the door in the center.
Head northwest and interact with the platform
After encountering robo-foes, interact with the platform to the left.
Use the teleportation device in the lower platform to reach the upper platform before the door.
There’s another chest with a Wireplate Armor to the right.

Sea of Stars: How to Get a Crane Operator ID & Kybermesh Battery in the Derelict Factory

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The Crane Operator plays a crucial role in finding all the key items to leave this area, but it won’t respond to you, a nobody from a different dimension. To operate the Crane Operator and complete the Derelict Factory in Sea of Stars, follow these steps:

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Stand on the teleporter before the platform.
Interact with the orange screen northeast and northwest while avoiding the red lasers.
In the next room, interact with the orange screen to the room’s northwest to find the Crane Operator ID Card.
Head back south and use the Crane Operator to move the teleportation device. To the right, there’s a rainbow conch chest. Drop it into the empty hole on the right.
Then, use the Crane Operator to move the teleportation device and place it on the right
Enter the room northeast and climb up the stairs. Then, use the orange screen to reveal the Graplieu log.
Interact with the screen northeast.
Head back to the platform with the stairs and interact with the orange screen once more to access the platform north.
After interacting with the screen, head back downstairs and to the end of the passage to find Kyber Ore.

Sea of Stars: How to Get a Wireplate Sheet & Blueprint Disc in the Derelict Factory

Now that you’ve got the hang of how the Crane Operator works, it’s time to fully explore this area and scour every container, looking for the required items to make that Kybermesh Battery.

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In the commanding room, use the Crane Operator to move the teleporting device to the room’s left area.
Inside this room, head to through the middle door.
Push the middle cubicle north.
Interact with the screen to the left to get the Kybersteel Daggers.
Exit the room and enter once again to reset the cubicle’s positions. Then, push the cubicles to the sides forward and the middle to the left or right.
Open the container in the center to get the Wireplate Sheet.
Head through the door on the right.
Open all the containers to find a Blueprint Disc.
Head through the door on the left, beat the enemies, and use the Wireplate sheet in the device at the center.
Go through the left door here to get a Power Unit.
Head to the control room and use the Crane Operator to move the teleportation device to the north hole.

With the Wireplate Sheet, Blueprint Disc, and Kyber Ore, interact with the console. Then, use the Crane Operator to move the crane northwest to the southwest hole. Finally, now that the elevator’s online, exit the Derelict Factory.