Sea of Stars: Where to Find Trader’s Signet & Hidden Market In Brisk

The secret store in Brisk has some helpful items in Sea of Stars


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Unraveling the secrets of a world is one of the many joys players find when embarking on games like Sea of Stars. Brisk’s secret store is one of those places and has Relics and a helpful Ring for players to purchase.

Getting to this store requires a specific item called the Trader’s Signet and demands you to do some legwork during an earlier dungeon to get the item. In this guide, we’ll detail where to find the secret store in Brisk and how to find the Trader’s Signet item in Sea of Stars.

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Where to Find the Trader’s Signet in Sea of Stars

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To use the secret store in Brisk, you’ll first need to find the Trader Signet, an essential item found before you make it to the port town. You’ll need to have this item and give it to the merchant in the secret store to use it, and it can be easy to miss if you don’t know where to look.

The Trader’s Signet is located in the Wind Tunnel Mines, a dungeon you’ll explore before heading to Brisk. It requires quite a few extra steps than the main dungeon to unlock. Yes, it takes quite a bit of time, but it’s worth the effort, and we have all the nitty gritty details here so you can find it too.

How to Get the Mine’s Key

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When exploring the dungeon, you’ll eventually enter an area with a green crystal pillar and a chest on a high ledge. You need to get to this chest, but the crystal won’t be in the correct position at first; you’ll need to leave it for now and make your way through the room, which involves a little platforming to the right of the entrance, and you’ll eventually enter a room and find a big red chest.

In this chest, you get the Mistral Bracelet item, which allows you to shoot a small gust of wind to move certain objects. Once you have unlocked this item, you face a mini-boss Salamander and then have some platforming and simple puzzles to solve with the bracelet, which involve moving some crystals onto a switch. This will take you around to the beginning of this room and back to the same crystal pillar from earlier; only now, you can move it. Use your gust of wind to move the pillar into place to make a platform, as shown in the image above, which lets you jump across to the chest, and you’ll get a Mine Key.

With this key, you can now open the locked door found earlier in the dungeon. If you haven’t come across it, it is located in the early stages of the dungeon while heading to turn on the first fan and requires some simple platforming to get to. The image below shows the area you are looking for, with the door located just to the right of the raised platforms. Go to the top left to climb and go around the platform shown to reach the door.

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When you have the key, this door can be opened, and you’ll find a puzzle involving the two green crystal pillars. Now you’ll need to get this done before you get the signet.

How to Solve the Locked Room Puzzle in the Wind Tunnels Dungeon

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To solve this, go right and push the green pillar on the right side of the room left, up, and right so it bumps into the other pillar on the left side of the room. Next, go behind the two pillars and push the left pillar, which stops the first one, down and right, making a buffer. Now, go behind the other pillar, and move it down and right to trigger the switch, which will raise a stopper on the path between the two sides.

Leave the pillar on the switch and get the green pillar we used as a buffer, push it up and right, then down into the hole in the center of the room. This will drop the pillar down one floor below to a room directly underneath the one you are in. Leave this room, jump down to the door below, and enter to see the green pillar you just knocked down. Push it along the path, then go right to the platform and jump across, and you get the Trader’s Signet.

Where to Find the Secret Store in Brisk

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After all the effort to get the Trader’s Signet, getting to the secret store is a walk in the park. To find the secret store, all you need to do is get to the Brisk and make your way to the docks. From here, jump into the water and head to the pier sticking out into the ocean; the image above is what you are looking for.

Now, just go under the dock and swim up while underneath it, and you’ll find yourself in a small cave with a merchant surrounded by treasures, including a Rainbow Conch in the corner you can pick up. Approach the merchant, and they will say they can’t trade with you unless you have the Trader’s Signet. Present the signet, and you will have access to his store.

The merchant sells a powerful Accessory and some Relics that players can use to modify their adventure, making it more challenging or aiding you with some benefits. These include:

  • Eye of Yomara Ring – Display the weaknesses, resistances, and HP of non-boss enemies in combat, cost 888G.
  • Dubious Dare – Increase damage taken by 40%.
  • Tome of Knowledge – Increase EXP you gain by 20%.
  • Double Edge – Increase enemy defense while casting and decrease when not casting.

It’s worth noting that once you leave Brisk and advance the story, you will not get the chance to visit this store again for a long time, so be sure to purchase what you want before you continue the main story.