Sea of Thieves Fury of the Damned Special Event Guide – challenges, rewards, dates

Best start believing in ghost stories.

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With a handful of events under their belts, Sea of Thieves is giving pirates another spooky season celebration players have come to expect from the high seas. This time, pirates can honor the great Ferryman during a four-week celebration event called Fury of the Damned. With new weapons and tankards up for grabs, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a little time with your favorite crew.

Fury of the Damned Event Challenges

There are two kinds of challenges involved in Fury of the Damned: three sets of repeatable challenges that give players Favour from the Bilge Rats and two global challenges that reward every community member who takes part.

Repeatable Challenges

Fires of the Damned – Collect Flames of Fate from the Ferry of the Damned, which can be set into your ship’s lanterns. Collect Favour for each mile sailed with at least one Flame of Fate on your ship. Collecting different colored Flames of Fate will net more Favour.

Additionally, you can earn Favour for each Shadow of Fate skeleton you defeat or by taking down the Ghost of Graymarrow at the Fort of the Damned.

Ships of the Damned

  • Destroy Ghost Ships: 1 Favour
  • Destroy Skeleton Ships: 10 Favour
  • Hand in Crates of Ancient Bone Dust to the Merchant Alliance: 10 Favour

Armies of the Damned

  • Defeat Phantoms: 1 Favour
  • Defeat Skeleton Captains: 5 Favour
  • Defeat Skeleton Lords: 20 Favour
  • Defeat Ashen Lords: 50 Favour

Community Spirit Challenges

Sea of Thieves is also rewarding the community for coming together to vanquish as many undead as possible in the coming weeks. After completing a short qualifying Challenge, each skeleton that players defeat will count toward the community total. If the community wipes out a huge number of these nuisances, everyone who took part will receive the reward.

Fury of the Damned Special Event rewards

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  • 500 Favour earns players the Wicked Web Tankard
  • 1000 Favour earns players the Wicked Web Blunderbuss
  • 2000 Favour earns players the Wicked Web Cannons

For the Community Spirit Challenges:

  • 50,000,000 Skeletons will earn all players a Wicked Web Figurehead
  • 150,000,000 Skeletons will earn all players a Wicked Web Collector’s Figurehead

How long is the Fury of the Damned Special Event?

The Fury of the Damned Special Event will last for four weeks until Thursday, November 4.