Should you let Sebastian take the relic in Hogwarts Legacy?

Sebastian may have gone too far.

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Sebastian is just one of the many NPCs you will meet throughout your journey in Hogwarts Legacy. As you learn more about Sebastian, you discover that his sister is ill and that he will stop at nothing to cure her. There is hope as there is mention of a dark artifact that allows the user to cure curses. Of course, power like this comes with a heavy toll, and using it may not be the best idea. Should you let Sebastian take the relic in Hogwarts Legacy?

Should you side with Sebastian or Ominis about the relic in Hogwarts Legacy?

Sebastian’s quest line is filled with dark secrets about the founder of the Slytherin house. The more you tread down this path, the more you might realize that dark magic comes at a price, and Sebastian is not afraid to pay any toll if it means curing his sister of that nasty curse. After multiple quests, you have finally discovered information about an ancient artifact that may be able to break Anne’s curse.

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Meet Sebastian near Feldcroft for the In the Shadow of Time quest. During this mission, you will explore some ancient ruins and discover that the ancient artifact is real. When you get to it, however, you are presented with a choice after learning about the toll that it takes to use it:

  • We should leave the relic alone
  • We need that relic

This isn’t the first choice you are forced to make regarding Sebastian’s relationship. Earlier in the game, you need to decide¬†whether or not to report him.¬†When it comes to taking the relic, no matter which choice you make, Sebastian will say that it is “for Anne’s sake” and take the relic. Whatever the dark sacrifice that comes with the relic is, Sebastian is more than prepared to pay it.

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After making this choice, Ominis will appear, and you will have a second choice to make. This choice is whether you should side with Ominis or Sebastian when it comes to taking the relic. If you decide to side with Ominis, he will be relieved that you think that Sebastian has gone too far. You will also promise that Sebastian won’t go further than this. If you agree with Sebastian, Ominis will give in but won’t be happy about you taking the relic. Either way, you will leave the catacombs with the relic in hand.