Should you pull for Alyss in Tower of Fantasy? Answered

Elegant. Graceful. Deadly.

Image via Level Infinite

Alyss is a new Frost-elemental character in Tower of Fantasy and is currently available in the Limited Banner in-game. With Frost being such a powerful damage type, adding another character to your roster should seem like a no-brainer, but if you don’t spend much money on the game, or none at all, is she worth your hard-earned Red Nuclei and Dark Crystals? How much value does she add to a team? Find out here.

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Should you pull for Alyss?

In short, yes, you should pull for Alyss in Tower of Fantasy. Looking purely at the numbers put together by Reddit user Maygii in a lengthy analysis, when paired with Frigg (even at A0), she out-damages similar comps with Lin. Her Chilling Field Skill also stacks with Frigg’s Fimbulwinter, increasing their collective output further. If you managed to nab Saki back during her first Banner or the reissue, you have a team that can dominate even at the lower levels of investment.

If you’ve been saving up for a new character and didn’t grab Frigg or Saki because of her Frost Resonance ability, Alyss is still well worth your time. The flat 15% Frost damage bonus and 25% Frost resistance is a huge bonus.

If you have enough Red Nucelia and Dark Crystals, we recommend going for Alyss’s 1-star advancement, at the very least. She’s perfectly usable at A0, but at A1, her damage and synergy take off like a shot. Her A1 passive provides Alyss’s Support, which summons a second version of Alyss that does a Discharge skill every time you use a Skill of your own within the Chilling Field. At A3, her Support adds a stacking damage buff of up to 30% to her Starry Night Discharge and any Hoarfrost damage dealt.

Alyss even offers a new traversal ability. One of her dodge skills, Latent State, transforms her into a dragonfly that can fly wherever you’d like (though you can’t climb walls in this state). Moving in Latent State drains Stamina, but if your bar is big enough, you can cross huge chasms without using your Jetpack or regular dodges even once.