The best Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy – Simulacra tier list

There are 17 simulacra with two different rarities: SR and SSR.

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If you are starting your Tower of Fantasy journey or have already, getting your head around many of its unique elements might be hard. One such basic but complicated aspect is the simulacras. At its core, simulacra are characters’ skin that you can wear over your original one to play the game, but it’s a lot more. Many simulacra exist in Tower of Fantasy, but which ones are the best? This guide will help you learn about simulacra, their functions, and the best simulacra tier list in Tower of Fantasy.

What are Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy?

Simulacra are the warriors in the world of Tower of Fantasy that you can download in the game and equip over your starting character. These characters come with some of the best weapons in the game. They also have their passive abilities that you need to unlock.

Remember that you can use simulacra or their weapon(s) individually, meaning you don’t need to wear simulacra to use their weapon(s). Some simulacra are better than others, and using the best ones can put you at the edge. Here is the tier list of all the simulacra currently available in Tower of Fantasy.

The best Simulacra tier list in Tower of Fantasy

There are 17 simulacra that you can unlock in Tower of Fantasy. They are in two different rarities, some being SR and others SSR. Usually, the rarer simulacra are, the better, but sometimes it can get a little situational. When ranking simulacra, only their passive skills matter; other than that, it’s mostly about their weapon(s), which is a different story. In this tier list, we will divide the simulacra into three tiers, S, A, and B. This guide only covers the simulacra available in the global version of Tower of Fantasy, meaning there are no China exclusives.

SNemesis, Frigg, Claudia, KING, and Samir
ACoco Ritter, Huma, Crow, Meryl, Shiro, Tsubasa, and Zero
BBai Ling, Echo, Hilda, Pepper, and Ene

S Tier

All of the simulacra in Tier S have the best passive skills, making them a great choice of simulacra. For example, King’s passive ability lets him restore 10% of his health by killing just five enemies. Or Nemesis’ passive skill, which can deal additional 100% damage with an Electrode and heal allies and herself by 200% of the attack output. Overall, the S-tier simulacra are a force to reckon with.

A Tier

The simulacra in this tier are extraordinarily powerful and close to the S-tier. Crow has an excellent ability to deal 12% additional damage for 20 seconds when he enters combat, or whenever Zero uses any skill, it reduces Relic cooldown by 3 seconds. These characters are great, but their numbers are not as quite insane.

B Tier

You should only use these weakest B-tier simulacra when no other option is available. A great example is Hilda’s passive ability which increases vehicle speed by 10%, which is not practical. The B-tier simulacra provide bonuses but not at the level of the other two tiers.