Should you treat the injury for Biyomon, Patamon, and Palmon in Digimon Survive?

You must decide whether to be selfish or selfless.


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When you reach Part 4 of Digimon Survive, you’ll head into an amusement park in search of Kaito’s sister Miu. After a while, you’ll find yourself outside the location, exploring it in the aftermath of an attack from some very dangerous Digimon. The three servants Miu has surrounded herself with are now injured, and you have a choice as to help them or not. This guide explains if you should treat the injury for Biyomon, Patamon, and Palmon, and what the outcomes of your decisions are.

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Should you treat the injuries for Biyomon, Patamon, and Palmon?

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If you choose to treat the injury for Biyomon, Patamon, and Palmon, you’ll use up three healing salves in the process. However, you’ll also get help from them when finding Miu somewhere in the amusement park, with each Digimon signposted by a red exclamation mark. Biyomon will give you two defense-boosting items, while Palmon and Patamon will give you hints about where to find Miu. If you speak to all three after healing them, you’ll get an exclamation mark on the world map for the room where Miu is hiding.

If you don’t treat the injuries for these Digimon, or only treat one or two of them, then you won’t get the full benefits of items and helpful hints. Instead, you’ll get one hint or just the items that aren’t that useful. We recommend healing all three Digimon so you can get the most out of this scene and find Miu quickly. This will advance the story and see you facing off against another colossal enemy before too long.

While treating these injuries doesn’t count towards your Harmony rating, it does feel like more of a harmonious path to take. If you’re pursuing the Harmony route and ending, it’s worth healing these Digimon to stay in keeping with the general line through the game you’ve chosen to tackle.