Soulframe Release Date, Gameplay Details & Trailers

Soulframe is the next major release from Warframe developer Digital Extremes, but takes a turn into the ARPG genre.

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When developer Digital Extremes first revealed Soulframe, fans didn’t know what to think. It’s a game that blurs the lines between the fast-paced action of Warframe and the methodical ARPG grind of the Soulsborne series, marrying them together into something new.

Warframe is a free-to-play game from developer Digital Extremes that allows players to enter into some of the most deadly machines ever imagined and rip waves of enemies to shreds. The game has grown from strength to strength over the past decade, and now the developer is working on Soulframe, a very different sort of game. Soulframe will changes the focus from fast-paced action to slow melee combat, but fans of the developer are extremely excited about it regardless of what the gameplay looks like.

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When is the Release Date for Soulframe?

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Soulframe is slated for a release in late 2024. This means it should launch towards the end of the year, the last three months or so. This could result in a Christmas release date, but more details and a firm release will likely be revealed at TennoCon 2024. We reckon the game should be out as soon after the summer of 2024 as possible, though, since that’s when most developers aim to release their games.

What is Soulframe?

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Soulframe is an open world adventure with MMO elements, similar to Genshin Impact but without the gacha mechanics. Players pick their Envoy, which is their character, and will explore the open world, completing quests and side activities as players would in any other open world game.

The main focus of the game is on exploration, putting the emphasis on players finding their adventures and telling tales to others. The MMO side of the game will blend with it by allowing players to upgrade their character and naturally grow in power over time, allowing them to take down bigger and more deadly challenges.

The best example we can draw on for what Soulframe is said to be is Elden Ring. The world is filled with mysteries, wonders, and challenging enemies. Players must beat back every enemy they encounter and slowly but surely craft a character who is able to be called a hero of whatever remains of the lands they explore.

Is Soulframe Part of the Warframe Universe?

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Yes, Digital Extremes has confirmed that Soulframe is set in a mirror universe to Warframe’s. This means that there are some similarities between the games, such as procedural dungeons, but other mechanics are completely different, such as the combat. We’ve not seen much of the game at the time of writing, so it’s impossible to know whether there are other similarities between specific characters, but we expect there are.

Is Soulframe at TennoCon 2024?

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Yes, it’s likely that Soulframe will be at TennoCon 2024. Digital Extremes is ramping up to release the game, and it will want to give fans the best look possible at it during the biggest Warframe, and now Soulframe, event of the year.

All Soulframe Trailers

Below, we’ve listed every trailer ever released for Soulframe. Digital Extremes has been cautious about showing any footage of the game and has given out very few details while it’s been in development. However, the videos that are out there make it look phenomenal.

The third Soulframe Journal video explores the game’s animation work.

The Soulframe Preludes Gameplay video is the most extensive look at the game we’ve had to date, with a full 30 minutes of in-depth gameplay and explanation.

In the second Soulframe Journal video, the team explored how the music of the game is created.

In the Soulframe Journal 1 video, Digital Extremes showed off how it creates the game’s concept art.

The Soulframe Reveal Trailer was the first look we got at the game, and fans of Digital Extremes loved it.

What Platforms Will Soulframe be Available on?

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Image via Digital Extremes

Soulframe will be available on PC at launch. While the game will likely also be released for PS5 and Xbox Series X, Digital Extremes has yet to confirm if and when those console versions will be released. We’d love to see them at launch, but it’s impossible to know when they will drop. Given that the developer has managed to get cross-platform progression working for Warframe, we’re confident that the console versions will launch alongside the PC version. It just needs to be confirmed.

Is Soulframe Coming to Game Pass?

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Image via Digital Extremes

At the time of writing, it’s unclear if Soulframe will be available on Game Pass. Warframe is a free-to-play game, so we’d expect Soulframe to be the same. However, Digital Extremes hasn’t confirmed either way whether there will be a Game Pass version with special features of a standard edition only.

Will Soulframe be Free-to-Play?

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Yes, Soulframe will be free-to-play. Much like Warframe, Digital Extremes will be offering the game to players for free and relying on in-game purchases to generate revenue. It’s unclear if this will be similar to the Platinum system in Warframe, or if the developer plans to release paid-for expansions and updates.