Sparring Partner Gig – Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077

In the Sparring Partner gig, you will need to make your way to a dumpsite to the east of Rancho Coronado. Here you will need to retrieve a data shard from a broken down sparring robot before it is destroy when the robot is crushed.

The dump site itself is filled with enemies, and is something of a warren of routes, but there is an incredbily easy way to finish up this gig in under a minute.

When you arrive at the dump, head left along the front wall and follow it around to some discarded shipping containers. While the fence is topped by some security wire that makes jumping over it very difficult, there is a gap here that you can get through.

Crouch and sneak inside, then use Ping on the two guards that you can see ahead of you, near the main building. This will highlight all the other guards, making sure noone can sneak up on you.

Now, keep left and you will arrive at a van with the back door open. Inside is the sparring robot. Interact with it to grab the data shard and then turn around, using the same route to get back out again. Make sure you grab the purple box on the way out, as it contains some epic crafting components.

The drop off point is just 250 meters away at a gas station down the road. Head there and drop off the data shard to wrap up the mission. There should be an ongoing incident at the gas station involving some Wraiths. So you can just take them all out to grab some extra Street Cred while you are at it.