Splatoon 3 Big Run results – Top scores for Wahoo World Salmon Run

Where did you place?

Image via Nintendo

The newest mode in Splatoon 3 is the Big Run event. Similar to Splatfests, a Big Run is a special event that will occur where the Salmonids take over the stages in Splatoon 3 and players have to play Salmon Run in that particular area during the duration of the event. Big Runs last throughout the weekend and an hour after finishing, the results will be broadcasted on Anarchy Splatcast.

Splatoon 3 Big Run results, explained

Big Run results are based on the community’s high scores, which is the number of Golden Eggs that were collected during the event. The leaderboards show what the top 5%, 20%, and 50% accumulated, and whoever lands in one of three brackets will receive an exclusive prize for their efforts: a statue of Cohozuna, which can be golden, silver, and bronze depending on where you placed. A Golden Cohozuna statue is rewarded to the top 5%, a silver version is given to the top 20%, while the top 50% get the bronze variation.

The amount of Golden Eggs required to be in the different brackets will change depending on how well or poorly the community did. So, if players did well, expect breaking into the top to be much harder and require more eggs.

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Wahoo World Big Run results

Image via Nintendo

Despite Wahoo World being disliked by the community, players still showed up and collected plenty of Golden Eggs during the first iteration of Big Run. Here are the results for the Wahoo World Big Run:

  • Top 5%: 137 Golden Eggs and up
  • Top 20%: 113 Golden Eggs and up
  • Top 50%: 88 Golden Eggs and up

Those who didn’t place but still participated will receive a participation award, which is a green statue of Cohozuna.