Starfield: How to Max Out Crafting Skills Quickly

Here’s how to quickly upgrade your crafting skills in Starfield.

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Starfield hides its high-level weapon and equipment mods behind crafting Skills that you need to upgrade over the course of the game, but there’s a simple trick that you can use to quicken the process, should crafting mods appeal to you. This requires a relatively simple process, which will be easier to complete once you’ve earned some credits and gathered resources on your ship.

The mod crafting mechanic in Starfield can be used on weapons, spacesuits, packs, and helmets. Firstly, you’ll need access to the Weapon Workbench and the Spacesuit Workbench to alter both items, which you can easily add to your ship by building a Galactic Workshop. Then, you’ll need to put points into the Weapon Engineering and Spacesuit Design Skills. For the higher-level mods, you’ll need to upgrade those Skills, complete research tasks, and gather the resources needed for each mod.

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How to Quickly Complete the Crafting Skills Challenges in Starfield

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In order to upgrade the Weapon Engineering and Spacesuit Design Skills, you need to build mods, as these are the challenge tasks that you must finish to unlock the higher tiers. In total, you’ll need to craft 50 weapon mods and 50 spacesuit, helmet, or pack mods to max out both Skills.

There’s a simple trick that you can use to hasten this process. You have the option to remove a mod from an item slot by selecting the “No Mod” option in the crafting menu. For some reason, Starfield counts selecting No Mod as a mod action. You can quickly add and remove a cheap mod to rack up the challenge count.

You still need to spend Skill points to upgrade the Skills, but this method will allow you to finish the associated challenges with each crafting Skill quickly. It’s a huge timesaver, especially if you plan on focusing on mods later in the game rather than gradually upgrading your gear over the course of the story.

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The other hard part is farming resources, but Starfield tends to throw these at the player, especially when you’re exploring a planet with enemy outposts. Once you’ve settled on a cheap weapon and mod, you can burn through your resources to ensure that you’re prepared for when you have the Skill points spare and can max out the crafting Skills.