Starfield: How to Recruit Rafael Aguerro

Rafael, the survivor from a Research Facility in Starfield, is looking to join your crew and help take care of your ship.

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There are several companions you have the chance to add to your ship in Starfield, and many of them appear as you complete the main quests. However, there are several that you might find as you explore the galaxy, or if you go out of your way to work with them, such as Rafael Aguerro, an engineer who worked on Freya III.

Rafael had a lot to deal with during the Entangled story mission, but there’s a chance for you to add him to your growing roster. The only way you can have him join your crew is by saving him, and you need to save him in a particular way for him to offer to join. Here’s what you need to know about how to recruit Rafael Aguerro in Starfield.

How to Save Rafael in Starfield

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The process you have to go through Rafael is tedious. You’ll have the chance to do this during the Entangled mission while visiting Freya III. When you’re there during the Starfield main story quest, your character will have the choice to pick saving Rafael or Patel’s universe. However, what it doesn’t tell you is that there’s a chance for you to save both of them, ensuring Rafael and everyone in Patel’s universe make it through.

To do this, you have to complete the experiment. There’s a terminal in the back of the main room that walks you through the process. You have to do it in both Rafael and Patel’s universe for the entire thing to work, and if you finish it, Rafel appears in Patel’s universe, but Rafael from her universe will still be dead. It might be a little confusing for you to deal with in Starfield, but the rewards for completing the quest this way are worth it.

After you complete the mission, Rafael will say that he’s going to take an extended break from everything. He says that he’s willing to join your crew, but after you find him later on New Atlantis.

Where to Fina Rafael on New Atlantis in Starfield

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Rafael will be at the Viewpoint bar, a location you can find in the main New Atlantis area, where you park your ship. When you’re exiting the Starport, stay to the left, and keep following this path until you reach the bar, where you’ll find Rafael wandering around. Your Starfield character can approach him, and he’ll openly offer to join your crew, after thanking you for having saved him from the Research facility.