Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life – How To Catch Calamari

The Calamari is a difficult fish to catch in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life and where you can find it in A Forgotten Valley.

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There are a handful of unique fish you can find while playing Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. These fish can appear throughout the game, and Calamari is one of the more difficult fish to catch because of how elusive it is.

Tracking down Calamari can feel challenging, and there are some things you’ll want to do if you’re keen to add it to your collection. It’s a good fish that you can sell or use in your dishes. Here’s what you need to know about how to catch Calamari in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

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Where to Find A Calamari in A Wonderful Life

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The way you’ll go about catching Calamari requires a good amount of patience in A Wonderful Life. Before you can worry about attempting to catch this fish, the first step is to acquire a Copper Fishing Rod. The Copper Fishing Rod is an item that you can purchase from Van’s shop, but you need to have caught enough for it to appear in his vendor.

If you have not caught enough fish, and have yet to see the Copper Fishing Rod for sale, spend more time at the various fishing spots in Forgotten Valley. The fish in A Wonderful Life can take time to catch, but it’s well worth it, and after you’ve caught enough, you can expect to see the Copper Fishing Rod for sale, and it took us roughly until it was available the second year.

After getting the Copper Fishing Rod, the next step is to find where the Calamari would be for you to catch in Forgotten Valley. Of all the fishing spots you can visit in A Wonderful Life, the place you want to go to is the Beach, and try fishing from there.

It may take you a few attempts for you to reel it in, but this is the best location to catch Calamari in A Wonderful Life.