Sweets Dreams Side Job – equipment location – Cyberpunk 2077

More like a nightmare.

The Sweet Dreams Side Job can be found in the Japanese Market and begins when you are offering a BD vid by a man called Steffan. He tells you it is the most amazing thing of all time and is yours for the low-low price of 16000 Eddies. He also wants 4000 to let you use his BD rig, as it will only work with that.

If you are wondering if this is worth it, the answer is no. We would suggest you skip this hell snake of a Side Job and continue to actually have fun with the game. There are some really important things you should know about this Side Job.

First, it is buggy as hell and is best avoided just for that reason. Two, the whole thing is a con, you wake up naked in a bathroom after trying the BD. The bathroom belongs to the same Scavs you went up against early in the game, and then want revenge. Finally, all your gear is gone, hidden in a locker, and you need to find it before the end of the mission if you want to get it all back.

Oh yeah, and that part can bug out and some people have lost all their gear, so need to save-scum their way back to before the mission. All in all, the whole thing is best avoided, but we put ourselves through it to help you out.

Sweet Dreams Walkthrough

When you wake up, leave the room and snap the neck of the guy outside. There are two enemies off to the right that you can ignore. In the next room is alone enemy looking at a screen. Ping him to get all enemy locations, then snap his neck.

Behind you will be a loan female enemy in a room, go and snap her neck too. If you haven’t noticed, this is like an episode of Oprah, and absolutely everyone is getting some justice on this show. Through a hole in the wall, you will find a lone male enemy whose neck is just ripe for snapping.

Now, look out the door and across the room, you will see some lockers on the far side. This is where your gear is. You need to sneak across as far as you can, then just run and grab it. Believe us, this is the easiest way.

The enemies will see you, but that is fine because you will have your stuff back. Run back to one of the rooms that you already cleared and put on your clothes, stims, weapons, and healing items.

Now it is time to absolutely dumpster everyone else in this building. When you are finished murdering everyone, head to the end of the hallway and make your way down in the elevator.

Go back to Steffan and pick whichever dialogue option you prefer. Neither one is the option we wanted, so we just picked the first one to give him false hope, then murdered him with our Mantis blades when he started to move away.