Tears of the Kingdom – How To Complete Mayachideg Shrine

Craft the deadliest robots and let them kill off the Construct Forces in Tears of the Kingdom’s Mayachideg Shrine with this guide.

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Tears of the Kingdom will have Link climbing mountains, sprinting through fields, and swinging his word against all sorts of foes. Plus, his shoulders must feel quite heavy with the weight of saving the kingdom repeatedly.

It’s safe to say the guy deserves a break. Mayachideg Shrine forces players to do just that, let Link slouch back while someone else does his job for him. Still, finding a replacement for the Hyrule’s greatest swordsman won’t be easy.

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Mayachideg Shrine Location in Tears of the Kingdom

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Mayachideg Shrine is a Proving Grounds shrine located in the northeastern part of Hyrule’s surface, perched atop a mountain west of Lake Akkala.

The best way to reach the Mayachideg Shrine is to teleport to the Skyview Tower and glide southwest. The shrine is in the Eldin Canyon region, near the South Akkala Stable.

Mayachideg Shrine – Proving Grounds: The Hunt Solution

You will be stripped of all your gear, weapons, and items when you enter the shrine. However, Ultrahand is still an option. Attach destructive Zonai devices to the Homing Carts spread throughout the shrine to overcome this shrine. Then, let the robots do the dirty work for you.  Mayachideg Shrine can be completed without Link ever hitting an enemy. However, it does require using the new Tears of the Kingdom devices.

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When you enter the shrine, use Ultrahand to grab the spiky element in the room. Attach it to either of the Homing Carts and send it to battle the Construct Soldier ahead. While this hand-made destruction machine does its job, craft a second spiky robot to aid you in battle.

The Construct will have its hands full, so walk past it, pick up the bow, and stick to the room’s northwest corner. Then, take the spiky robots to the room ahead with Ultrahand, and wait as they take down the Construct Soldiers ahead.

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While unnoticed, sneak through the room until reaching the second ramp on the side. That’s the best way to head and sneak up on the Soldier Construct on the highest platform. After taking it down with your weak weapons, grab the cannon nearby him with Ultrahand and drop it on the isolated platform to the left.

Using the elements on the platform, craft yet another destructive robot. Once ready for battle, grab it with Ultrahand and drop it near the Construct Forces. This cannon robot is much stronger than the spiky ones, but it still takes ages before the Construct health bar is depleted. How about one more deadly craft?

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Nearing the end of the room, another Homing Cart with a laser beam awaits. Attach these two devices together and drop your soldier near the construct forces. Now, sit back and let the robot army do its job.

Once all the Construct Forces are down, the shrine will return your items to your inventory. Head to the final room to grab a chest with a level 53 Captain IV spear with Long Throw.