Tears of the Kingdom – How To Get To Dragonhead Island & What’s There

Learning how to get to Dragonhead Island iN Tears of the Kingdom will get you an extra Light of Blessing, some sky fruit and a new companion.

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Tears of the Kingdom is the epitome of open-world video games. You could easily stumble across endgame gear or late-story quests at any point of the game if you truly set your mind to it. This has been showcased by players retrieving the Master Sword early or grabbing the Hylian Shield right after the tutorial section.

But hey, these goodies aren’t just lying around waiting for you. If you want to get to Dragonhead Island and unlock its secrets early, watch out for a never-ending storm messing with your eyesight and a crazy dizzying sky view. 

How to Reach Dagonhead Island in Tears of the Kingdom

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Before attempting to reach Dragonhead Island, equip Slip Resistance foods and elixirs to prepare for the non-stop rain in Thunderhead Isles. Then, remove any weapon or shield that attracts lightning strikes.

The best way to get there is to teleport to the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower, use Purah’s device to leap into the sky, and glide south toward the Thunderhead Isles. Depending on how far into the story you’ve gotten, a tear-shaped storm can cover this Isle. At the southwest corner of this Isle lies Dragonhead Island.

Once on the Thunderhead Isles, use the Zonai devices in your inventory and the surroundings to traverse the area, heading southwest. Unless you have tremendous stamina (three-wheels) and Tulin by your side, stand on the platform before the Thunderhead Isles and craft a Zonai glider to get you there.

When you reach Dragonhead Islands, activate the Joku-using Shrine at the southern tip so you never have to go through all this trouble again.

What is in Dragonhead Island in Tears of the Kingdom?

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Besides the shrine — and some sky-shrooms and albums—there’s also a goddess statue to trade your Lights of Blessings up here. But of course, we didn’t go through all that trouble for such trivial things. So instead, you can start a significant main quest in Dragonhead Islands called Guidance from Ages Past, which will start a journey to unlock the Fifth Sage.

Still, unlocking this quest won’t be easy, either. At least ten heart containers will be necessary to prevent Link from dying from the heart-draining door. If ready, interact with the massive door across Joku-using Shrine to test Link’s might. Once the test is passed, the quest Guidance from Ages Past will start, requiring you to reassemble the Fifth Sage.