Tears of the Kingdom – How To Get The Hylian Shield

Learning how to get the Hylian Shield early on in Tears of the Kingdom can make you pretty much invincible.

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Tears of the Kingdom offers a daunting number of weapons and shields for players to customize their equipment. Still, it doesn’t matter how regal the Royal Shield looks or how badass the Savage Lynel Shield makes us feel; our heart belongs with the one and only Hylian Shield. This guide will go over where and how to get this iconic shield in Totk.

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Hylian Shield Location in Tears of the Kingdom

The Hylian Shield is hidden away in the Hyrule Castle, which is infested by monsters and plagued with gloom. But hey, it’s not like that ever stopped loot-thirsty warriors from getting their way, right? 

Getting to Hyrule Castle takes some stamina, but it can be achieved at any point in the game. Yes, even right after finishing the tutorial.

ToK Hylian Shield Guide

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Reaching the center of Hyrule, where the Hylian Shield is located, is most easily accomplished by navigating the Great Sky Islands above. However, the shield can be found in The Docks, situated in the castle’s northwestern corner.

Due to the hazardous liquid surrounding the castle, the recommended approach to reaching The Docks is by gliding from the land directly in front of it. 

Begin at the New Serenne Stable and travel east until you reach the shoreline. Look for a suitable cliff or rock that provides higher ground. From there, leap into the dangerous liquid and glide to the designated area.

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Upon reaching the shores of Hyrule Castle, you’ll encounter several wooden planks and two fans. Use these components to construct a makeshift raft. If you have a Steering Stick Device, it will significantly aid your progress. Next, place the raft in the water and enter Hyrule Castle’s Dock area

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The location that conceals the Hylian Shield is directly above the emblem-adorned pillar. Once you are close enough, disembark from the raft and ascend the pillar until you reach the summit.

While the path may have been relatively clear thus far, you will face one of the game’s most daunting adversaries in this area: the Gloomy Hands. However, you can use the power of cheese to “defeat” them. Instead of attacking, when they detect your presence, swiftly climb a pillar and patiently wait for approximately 10 seconds until they despawn.

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Now that the area lacks enemies, climb up the stairs until you come across a big brazier. Ignite it using either a fire fruit or flint, causing a treasure chest to emerge from the ground behind you. Inside awaits the coveted level 90 Hylian Shield, now ready to be claimed as your own.

Can you get another Hylian Shield if it breaks?

Similar to BotW, players can buy another Hylian Shield once their’s breaks. First, you will have to complete the Mayoral Election quest in Hateno Village to unlock Cece’s Shop.

Afterward, players can replace their broken Hylian Shield for 3,000 Rupees by talking to Cece.

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