How to fish in Core Keeper

Fishing is the pinnacle of humanity, and Core Keeper offers a fun take on it.

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There are many bodies of water found in the underground of Core Keeper, and it offers more than mere aesthetics. Players that unlock the fishing rod will be able to pull fish from the water, offering even more cooking ingredients in Core Keeper to experiment with.

In order to unlock the fishing rod in Core Keeper, players have two options: The first is to simply find a wooden fishing rod in chests scattered about the underground — like many other pieces of loot, the fishing rod has a chance of dropping any time a wooden chest is destroyed. If the RNG isn’t in your favor, however, building the tin crafting station in Core Keeper will unlock the ability to create tin fishing rods.

The tin fishing rod costs five wood and four tin bars. Once players have it, equip in on the toolbar. To fish, players should find bubbles within water, which informs players that fish are active at that spot. Hold right-click to charge the power, and try to land the bobber within the bubbles. Once the bobber is within the bubbles, watch for a sudden dip, and press right-click immediately.

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There is less of a notification once a fish is on the hook, compared to titles such as Minecraft, or Animal Crossing: pay attention while fishing, or risk losing the fish. Once a fish if hooked, players will need to hold right-click to reel the fish in. Stop reeling when the fish turns red, else you run the risk of losing the catch. Once the fish is brought all the way to the left of the fishing bar, the fish will be caught and added to the inventory.

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While fishing is primarily done within the bubbles of water, players shouldn’t abstain from fishing everywhere there is water. By fishing outside of the bubbles, there are various items to be gained such as kelp for crafting other items. As is often the case in Core Keeper, experiment often and pay attention to the results for maximum efficiency.