The 10 best skills in God of War Ragnarok

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God of War Ragnarok has various enemies for Kratos to take on across the Nine Realms. These enemies are differentiated by their abilities and attacks, making each a challenge to fight. As such, Kratos also need specific skills to excel in battle and gain an edge. Fortunately, some skills are miles better than rest. Some of them are technique-based, some ranged or melee-based, but overall these are tremendously useful in combat. With that in mind, here are ten of the best skills for Kratos to use in God of War Ragnarok.

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Gale Force I (Draupnir Spear)

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First off, we have the Gale Force I for the Draupnir Spear. You’ll probably use this skill a lot when you’re overwhelmed with enemies, and it’s safe to see why. It fires a blast of wind through the spear, which knocks enemies backward and sometimes knocks them down. While Gale Force II and III are more powerful and unique than this one, these two can’t be used without unlocking the first, which is why it has made this list.

Glacial Permafrost (Leviathan Axe)

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The Glacial Permafrost skill consumes the Permafrost meter when it is full, making it more powerful and, indeed, frosty. During this time, the melee attacks of the Leviathan are enhanced with the waves of Frost that deal more frost damage to enemies, especially the smaller and weaker ones. Moreover, this can come in handy when dealing with mini-bosses too.

Immolation (Blades of Chaos)

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Immolation, as indicated by its name, is a fiery skill for the iconic Blades of Chaos. With this skill, Kratos can perform melee attacks quickly and won’t receive damage in the meantime. And when he does that, the Blade of Chaos will power up and inflict burning damage with every hit. This will almost make charcoal of the enemies in its range.

Leviathan’s Fury (Leviathan Axe)

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The Leviathan Axe is a great weapon to sprint and attack with, which is why the Leviathan Fury is an important skill to have, especially if you use heavy attacks a lot. With this skill, Kratos will perform a massive leaping heavy attack when sprinting. Moreover, the Mod Tokens here also greatly enhance the overall usefulness of this, especially with the Damage and Protection tokens.

Phalanx Breaker (Draupnir Spear)

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As Kratos says, the Spear is the first weapon a Spartan learns. So, breaking a Phalanx military unit is also a skill Kratos might have learned during his time in the Greek world. And in God of War Ragnarok, this all comes to fruition with the Phalanx Breaker skill that Kratos uses by sprinting and performing an overhead sweep that can shatter an enemy’s guard convincingly and weaken other enemies with a rising strike later on.

Plume of Chaos (Blades of Chaos)

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The Plume of Chaos is a heavy attack finisher for the Blades of Chaos and, importantly, a powerful skill to have. What makes it more deadly is that it comes after using a light attack combo, massively damages bigger enemies, and finishes off several small enemies too by launching them in the air. Not to mention, this finisher deals a lot of Burn damage.

Rising Chaos (Blades of Chaos)

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Another launching skill for the Blades of Chaos is the Rising Chaos. It makes Kratos swipe the Blade upward and launch enemies into the air. This attack is especially useful for clearing out enemies who are lean and small but have a massive health bar, like the Einherjar and the Hel-Walkers. Through this, you can launch them into the air and send them to Valhalla for eternity.

Serpent’s Snare (Leviathan Axe)

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The Leviathan Axe has some awesome moves, and one of them is the Serpent’s Snare skill. With this skill, Kratos performs a brutal heavy attack on a weak enemy with the Axe and throws them onto other weaker enemies by creating a Frost explosion. This is advantageous in situations where there are a lot of weaker enemies that are causing problems.

Spinning Chaos (Blades of Chaos)

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The Spinning Chaos is a cool move Kratos can use to take down enemies and show how flexible he is in combat. During evasion, Kratos can use this skill to perform a leaping spin attack that can knock enemies down and can stun them as well. This is more of a mid-range attack that can stun weaker enemies and do minor damage in the process.

Violent Maelstrom (Draupnir Spear)

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The Violent Maelstrom is a superb skill to make the Druapnir Spear more deadly. When the Maelstrom is full, pressing L1 and Triangle will consume the meter and, in turn, will enhance all the melee attacks of the Draupnir Spear with more Stun and damage for a short time. This is particularly useful when you’re taking down a mini-boss or an optional boss, and you’re out of moves to use.