The 10 best Tracer skins in Overwatch 2

Scrap the Hero’s orange suit for festive attire or a stunning recolor.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

As Tracer’s abilities will have her up-close and personal with enemies in Overwatch 2, those using the Hero can easily intimidate the competition with one of her alternate skins. However, the choice of which to equip won’t come easy, as she has been treated to a handful of detailed and transformative outfits over time. Here’s our breakdown of the 10 best Tracer skins in Overwatch 2, listed in alphabetical order.

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What are the best Tracer skins in Overwatch 2?


Screenshot by Gamepur

Although Tracer was in the British Royal Air Force, the Cavalry cosmetic takes her back to late the 1700s to make her into a Redcoat of the Revolutionary War. It’s a significant departure from her default style with it trading in her orange suit for stockings, a lavish red vest, and a black tricorne.

Hong Gildong

Screenshot by Gamepur

Based on the classic Korean novel Hong Gildong jeon, this Lunar New Year skin gives Tracer the honor to wear the same gear as its Robin Hood-esque title character. Those who own it will rock a small straw hat, blue armor, and entirely redesigned chest and back pieces.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Jingle is just one of two holiday-themed skins that alters almost every accessory on the Hero. It substitutes her basic athlete gear for an adorable, all-green elf costume and a skirt that sports golden bells at the bottom.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

Yes, it may only be an Epic skin, but Lightning does make some legendary modifications. Skin owners will stand out from the rest in their squad with its tight, yellow jumpsuit and Tracer’s only blonde hairstyle.

Mach T

Screenshot by Gamepur

It makes perfect sense to lend a character of Tracer’s immense speed some sharp racing threads. Mach T does just that with a menacing helmet and a suit that dawns sponsored patches on her torso. This cosmetic does keep her blue and orange color scheme intact, though players wanting a yellow and black style may want to opt for T. Racer.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Inspired by a Chinese protection deity of the same name, Nezha shouldn’t be underestimated. It may come packaged with an enchanting teal and gold dress, but its arm and ankle braces’ fiery designs are enough to scare any opponent away. Best of all, the Lunar New Year style wraps Tracer’s hair into two puffy buns, making her almost unrecognizable.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Several of the Hero’s skins only use gold in small portions. Thankfully, Posh is not afraid to shy away from this trend, as its golden boots and arm braces shine like no other accessories before it. Those who purchase Posh will even find stripes of gold running down her white bodysuit.


Screenshot by Gamepur

As unique as Graffiti is, its recolored Tagged outfit certainly does more to justify itself as a Legendary skin. It displays the same bronze gas mask and hoodie as the former, but its collection of sprayed designs make the Hero a true work of art.


Screenshot by Gamepur

It is no secret Tracer holds some of the most colorful outfits in the game, though her Ultraviolet skin is a refreshing departure from the bunch. Its punk aesthetic leaves her with nothing but black and white gear. The theme even extends to her hairstyle, giving her a frosty white cut to match her striped pants.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

Saving the best for last, Tracer’s Will-O’-Wisp outfit transcends her overall design to an unimaginable degree with its sky blue skin color and neon green hairdo. As if that wasn’t enough to spook anyone in sight, those in range of it will witness a glowing pumpkin with sharp metal teeth hanging from her torso.