The 5 best assault rifles in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 – Best ARs

ARs that breakdown armor plates and health bars in just a few seconds.

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Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 provides players with a handful of different weapon types, but there is none more reliable than assault rifles. The class is full of powerful guns that can deal significant amounts of damage from both short and long ranges. However, some have quickly found themselves above the rest with either their impressive mobility, handling, or fire rate stats. As it stands, here are the five best assault rifles in Warzone 2.0, counting down to the greatest of all.

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What are the best assault rifles in Warzone 2.0?

5. Kastov 762

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Like any other Kastov in MW2, the Kastov 762 has taken the battle royale by storm with its almost limitless range, able to battle everything from SMGs to snipers. Despite being at the bottom of our list, it is also important to note that the gun holds one of the highest damage stats in its category. The only major issue with the Kastov 762 is that it essentially requires all of its attachments to improve its accuracy. As most veteran Warzone 2.0 players know, equipping multiple add-ons that help a gun’s accuracy can ultimately lead to a slower aim-down-sights time.

4. M4

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If you are just starting your adventure in Warzone 2.0, the weapon that is highly recommended for beginners is the M4. Its damage has already taken a beating from nerfs, but the handling and low recoil control make it a breeze to hit targets at most ranges. The base M4 even holds a respectable ADS time, allowing those at Level 1 to still contend when in close-range gun battles against mighty SMGs and fast-firing shotguns.

3. M13B

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Some weapons fire so quickly, their fire rate alone can carry their performance. This happens to be the case with the M13B, with it coming in as the fastest-shooting assault rifle in the battle royale. Especially as it is highly accurate and lacks a weapon kick, those wielding the gun can expect it to thrive in most close to medium-range situations. That said, you may need to have its loadout carry the Overkill perk and a sniper, as its long-range capabilities are almost non-existent.

2. Chimera

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Functioning much like Call of Duty: Ghosts’ famed Honey Badger, the Chimera is a popular and excellent choice due to it already having a sound suppressor and an ammunition type attached. That ultimately means gunners can throw on a total of seven add-ons, but they are not exactly needed. Even on its own, the AR is a brutalizer up close, and the movement speed it grants makes it difficult for enemies to get ahold of you. If you love to chase after others and get face-to-face, the Season 1 weapon should be your next weapon of choice.

1. TAQ-56

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To many’s surprise, one of Modern Warfare 2’s weakest weapons actually finds itself as the crowning achievement of assault rifles in Warzone 2.0. The TAQ-56 is by far the most damaging of its category, capable of eliminating fully-shielded opponents in just seconds. That said, even as the best AR, it certainly needs some attachments. Those without pinpoint accuracy should set their eyes on add-ons that calm its rapid recoil. Once that’s done, the TAQ 56 will be more than enough to make you the last soldier standing in any match.