The best Among Us wallpapers for PC and mobile

Show your love for these funky little space beans.

among us line up in hd

While Among Us has been out for around two years now, the recent surge in players has brought the game from a small indie title to the developer’s biggest hit. Now that Among Us has millions of new players, many want to show their love for it outside of the game. Here are the 10 best official and unofficial wallpapers for Among Us on PC and mobile.

Among Us original promo

original promo

The original promo art that Innersloth made for the game’s release is an oldie but a goodie. It looks great as an official wallpaper.

Two imposters

two imposters

This incredible fanart by Nomski23 features the Among Us crew line-up in a more realistic style, depicting orange and cyan as blood-covered imposters.

HD line-up

among us line up in hd

There is also an HD wallpaper promo art that doesn’t show a logo. The wallpaper is great if you like the style of the promo art, but it’s a little too busy for you with a logo.

Halloween promo

happy halloween

This spooky official wallpaper is perfect for the fall season, featuring the Among Us crew in Halloween-themed hats. Just be aware there will be more tricks than treats.

Polis Labs

polis labs wp

While most of the wallpapers out there are either generic to the map theme, or take on more of an alternate universe feel, this wallpaper is all about the third map in the game, Polis.

Winter Wonderland

Winter WP

If we included a fall-themed wallpaper, we had to include this winter-themed wallpaper too. This was a holiday promotion from back when the game was first released, but looks just as good in 2020.

I accuse you!

i accuse you

The last official promo image on the list is this hilarious image that encapsulates the feeling of playing the game so well. Red is accusing white, even when the dead all know it’s red.

Among Us (mobile)

Mobile Wallpaper edited from official arts

This wallpaper takes bits and pieces of official art and fits them into a wallpaper designed for mobile phones.

You are a crewmate (mobile)

Mobile Wallpaper I was in electrical

One Reddit user has made a cute wallpaper of the red crewmate for phone and offered to make custom edits for people of their preferred color, hat, or other cosmestics.

Ejected (mobile)

Mobile Wallpaper Six Colors

The last wallpaper is optimized for iPad or tablet and shows the Among Us crew all floating around in space. Guess they got ejected.