The best characters in Super People, ranked

With 12 distinct classes, only five rise to the top.

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The battle royale Super People proved to be a strong contender on Steam, holding a top 20 spot for concurrent players on the platform at the launch of its closed beta test. The variety of Super People classes and perks means that every match is approached with unique strategies and tactics to maximize your damage potential while minimizing others.

Class selection in Super People is randomized, to an extent. A random class is rolled out of the currently available 12 for each player; players can spend 100 gold to roll for a new class, or 500 gold to select their class out of the available twelve. The gamble can pay off; players familiar with a specific class can gain back the 500 gold spent throughout the course of the match, although familiarity with every class will maximize profits.

As with any class-based title, however, some classes currently have the upper hand in engagements. Whether it’s due to how their perks proc and stack, or a balance issue as the game currently undergoes testing, some classes are simply stronger than others. From worst to greatest, here’s the current ranking for the top five characters in Super People.

5. Swat

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The Swat class is a powerhouse in close-quarters combat, and there are buildings everywhere in all maps of Super People. There’s no question that Swat is placed at a disadvantage outside of cities, but this can be mitigated by using vehicles to cover large tracks of land.

Played properly, Swat can easily clinch a match thanks to its Close-range Defense perk, Breach Door perk which stuns enemies inside of buildings, and Return Fire. Any other perks that may proc are simply icing on an already deadly cake. The ability to stun enemies inside a building by breaching is extremely powerful, even if the ultimate may fall short.

4. Marine

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The Marine is a tough class to play against, regardless of whether you find yourself queueing in Squads, Duos, or Solo. With a litany of buffs that come into play once the Marine is in water, and the prevalence of water across all maps in Super People, the Marine is a consistent threat that has players hesitant to go for a swim.

The Marine’s ultimate, Fog of War, offers concealment in open areas that allow the Marine and any teammates to head for hard cover. If Upgraded Silencers procs with the Major Damage Increase, the Marine can eliminate most enemy players before they even know they’re in danger.

#3 – Teleporter

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Here one moment and gone the next, the Teleporter is an extremely agile class made stronger by perks. Headstrong offers a percentage-based headshot damage reduction, and One Shot, One Kill strengthens weapons used in single-fire mode. Stacking One Shot, One Kill with the rolled Major Damage Increase lets the Teleporter eliminate most enemies before they can react to their presence.

Granted, the ultimate of the Teleporter, which aptly allows the class to teleport, can offer even greater agility to players in the midst of a team fight. Enemy intelligence consistently wins battles, and the Teleporter can wreak havoc on an enemy’s understanding of how the battle is playing out.

Evasive Action and Quick Fix both play well when it’s time for an engagement; faster usage on healing consumables and increased speed and HP after being hit lets the Teleporter dictate how a fight plays out. Keep in mind the other classes’ strengths, and don’t give them a moment of respite.

2. Seeker

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The Teleporter and Seeker classes are both neck and neck on the seasonal leaderboards for season 4, and for good reason. The Seeker ekes out the Teleporter by a slim margin, however, as it combines agility with perks that allow you to detect enemies in your vicinity.

Imagine wall-hacks without needing a third-party-program, and you have the general idea of how the Seeker operates.

With a focus on close-ranged battles, the Seeker comes out ahead by detecting enemies without them being aware of it. Planning how an engagement will occur, and when the best time to engage, is the bread-and-butter of this class. Try playing near the ice storm once Border Control procs.

1. Driver

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While the Driver is nowhere near the most balanced class, its utility is currently absurdly strong. Summon a vehicle and drive in circles while your Smart Bullets curve towards enemies and eliminate them with reckless abandon. Add on to this that Drivers inside of their vehicle get sizeable defense and HP buffs and can mitigate rocket launchers and nuclear device damage, and the Driver becomes near-immortal inside a vehicle at a high speed.

Granted, the Driver needs to ensure a decent supply of fuel to feed his comical exploits, but players can expect Drivers to be present in the vast majority of final battles. Furthermore, Drivers are easily the strongest class in Solo by a monumental margin: the top ten players for season 4 of Super People all have used Driver for well over 1,000 kills each. Compared to other classes and rankings, the Driver currently offers a 300% increase in kills within the season leaderboards.

It should be noted that Wonder People have been consistently patching the title with an eye towards maintaining an even playing field. Players are expecting the Driver to be patched relatively soon, to bring the class more in line with the strength of other classes and abilities.