The best charms in Ghost of Tsushima

Every little bit helps.

Ghost of Tsushima

Charms are how you can customize your experience in Ghost of Tsushima to provide yourself with a layer of useful passive abilities. For example, early on in the game, you can find a health regeneration charm where you can recover a small amount of your health while out of combat outside of combat. It’s an excellent way to start the game to give you an extra edge, but there are even more powerful and useful ones you can locate and use.

Charm of Inari’s Might

With this charm, your health and melee damage increase by a massive amount. The problem with it is uou won’t be able to receive this charm until closer to the end of the game, but it’s handy. Until you reach the end of the game to receive it, you can consider obtaining the Charm of Takemikazuchi, which increases your melee damage by a small amount for a few seconds after you kill an enemy. You will receive this charm by discovering 20 fox dens.

Charm of Amaterasu

Whenever you kill an enemy, you restore a moderate amount of your health. It’s a good way to ensure that during a fight, you can keep yourself alive, and even if you take a few good hits from an opponent, your rely on the charm to restore a good chunk of your health. The best part is you can receive it early in the game by going to the south of the Golden Temple.

Charm of Susanoo

The charm enables it so staggering foes have a 30 percent chance to fall while in this state. When they fall, you can take them out with a single blow, making it far easier for you to make short work of any opponent you encounter. It’s an excellent way to free up your time to explore rather than spend too much time fighting foes that give you a lot of trouble. You can find this charm’s shrine by going to the north of Shipyard Outpost. You will need the grappling hook to access this location.

Charm of Toxic Demise

The wind chimes you use to distract enemies and lead them over to a different position in Ghost of Tsushima can become your new weapon. It turns them into poisonous grenades. Whatever enemy inspects this item upon hearing it will find themselves in a situation they cannot handle, and won’t return to inform anyone else. It’s a great way to lure enemies away and not have to deal with them after grabbing their attention. You will get this by achieving The Phantom Samurai legend rank.

Charm of Unseen Respite

For those who prefer not to have the odds stacked against you in Ghost of Tsushima, a well-placed smoke bomb makes getting away from enemies a requirement. With this charm, you will restore 25 percent of your health, so even when you retreat against enemies, you are recovering your health much faster than if you were merely running away to try again. It’s perfect for players who use smoke bombs as a last resort and have extremely little health left. You will receive this by completing Lady Masako’s Tale, A Mother’s Peace.