The best Fortnite settings for PlayStation 5

Take advantage of all that power.

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As Fortnite holds dozens of settings, it is quite easy to be overwhelmed by its menu. However, its offerings should not be ignored. Various settings won’t only push the game’s performance to its limits but PS5 players can even adjust some options to ensure they have an upper-hand against opponents. This guide will examine Fortnite’s settings on PS5 and which you should change for the greatest experience possible.

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What are the best settings to use for Fortnite on PS5?

PS5 system settings

Aside from the in-game settings, PlayStation 5 owners’ first step in boosting the game’s performance should be running it at 120 frames-per-second. This is possible by first going to the Settings menu, scrolling down to “Save Data and Game/App Settings,” and diving into its Game Presets option. From there, you must select the option’s Performance Mode and then head back to Fortnite’s Video settings tab and turn on “120FPS mode.”

Video settings

Video settings can lend players a slight, but noticeable advantage, as its option can clear up the battlefield and make opponents more visible. Although this does consist of boosting the brightness, you will also want to make sure these settings are comfortable for your eyes. You can find all of the recommended Video setting changes below.

  • Brightness: 120%
  • Color Blind Mode: Off, unless needed
  • Motion Blur: Off

Game settings

As basic as the settings tab appears, its options can help reduce the time it takes to perform several actions, such as opening doors and building complex forts. This menu even enables players with choosing which item types automatically go into what inventory slots. Every Game setting that should be altered is listed below.

  • Matchmaking Region: Auto
    • Although some regions have been infamous for having low level players, it is more beneficial to use the Auto feature to ensure for a low ping and strong internet connection.
  • Toggle Sprint: On
  • Auto Open Doors: On
  • Mantle Activation: Hold Jump
  • Hold to Swap Pickup: Off
  • Toggle Targeting: Off
  • Mark Danger When Targeting: On
  • Auto Pick Up Weapons: Off
  • Preferred Item Slots: On
    • This setting will allow you to automatically send specific weapons into various slots. Thus, if you consider yourself a sniper or AR expert, it is best to have your favorite gun types in the highest possible slots for easy accessiblity.
  • Auto Sort Consumables to the Right: On
    • With your preferred weapon types in the left slots, turn this feature on to send all healing supplies and consumables picked up to the slots on the right.
  • Reset Building Choice: Off
  • Disable Pre-Edit Option: Off
  • Turbo Building: On
    • This won’t necessarily make you a faster builder when the option is on, though it allows you to continually build simply by holding down your respective build button.
  • Confirm Edit On Release: On

Controller Options

If you are debating which controller preset to use, we recommend mastering the Builder Pro controls before anything else, as its scheme resembles that of other battle royales and shooters. Additionally, the scheme offers players one-click options when needing to switch to another weapon, material, or when going into Edit Mode. For additional recommendations pertaining to the Controller Options menu, you can discover more below.

  • Controller Auto-Run: On
  • Build Immediately: On
    • The setting results in the game automatically creating another build for you directly after switching to a different build piece. It may catch you off guard at first, so be sure to aim your cursor on the spot you want this piece to be placed.
  • Edit Hold Time: .100
  • Sensitivity Options: 5
    • If you are new to Fortnite, its default Look and Aim Sensitivity options (5) are certainly fast enough to keep up with seasoned players, while also being easy to manage. However, it is advised both sensitivities be tuned to a 7 for those who have played their fair share of the game, as it offers a perfect middle that provides speed and precision.