The 7 best Minecraft horse stable designs and ideas

House your trusty steed in style and comfort with these useful stable designs.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you aren’t one for using cars in Minecraft, then horses are your next best thing to travel quickly. Especially if you breed up a good horse that has high-speed levels. Of course, breeding horses requires having space for the horses, which means horse stables. Here are some ideas to make your horse stables the best they can be for all your horses and even your friend’s horses.

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What are the best ways to build a horse stable in Minecraft?

Large horse stable

Screenshot by Gamepur

This stable is a unique style with a lot of floor space in the back, being able to hold around six, seven, or maybe even eight horses. In the front of the stables is a nice open walkway which you could decorate with any type of stone flooring to make it a little fancier. You can also either leave the back stables open or close them off if you don’t want the horses moving around such a big area. This design style idea would be good for people who plan to horse their own and their friends’ horses in their stable.

Inside horse stable

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Moving your horse stables inside can be a tricky thing if you haven’t allowed yourself enough space. Be sure when building your dream stables that you plan out a big enough space for your horses. These stables can hold up to one, two, or even three horses in one stall. However, it will be harder to lead horses out without losing a few, so sometimes making slightly smaller stalls might be best if you have a lot of horses. You can also add nice little glass windows to look in on your horses when doing other things around your Minecraft base.

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Outdoor horse stable

Screenshot by Gamepur

With larger stables, or if you don’t have enough wood to make a barn, you can do this neat idea of making a big outdoor stable. This is simply made with just some fence. You can also get your horses some armor for extra protection. Fun fact: you can die leather horse armor to whatever color you want, making it easy to find your favorite horse.

Tiny horse stable

Screenshot by Gamepur

This tiny little hut-like stable is good if you just want one good horse to carry you through your trusted journeys. It is basically just a closed-off square with some fence, wood blocks, and some other items for decoration. You can add some lamps around it to give it some light in the darkness and keep Creepers away.

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Second-story horse stable

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Collecting horses is something many Minecraft players do, but of course, you need somewhere to keep them safe and out of harm’s way. A good trick is to make a second-story barn, with many stables on each floor allowing you to hold even more horses than basic stable designs. This will also give you a lot of space for decorating as well.

Simple outdoor stable

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you don’t want anything too fancy and want your horse stable to not be too closed off for whatever reason, this could be a good stable choice for you. Especially if you don’t have a ton of materials. This is made with wood, stone fences, and slabs. Add a couple of lanterns and your horse will be safe from Creepers and other mobs.

Very simple stable

Lastly, if you are very, very short on materials but still want a horse stable that will keep your horse safe, all you will need is to build a fence in a square and throw up some pillars around it for the roof. This can save you materials to then use on your horse or crafting other needed items. Something you can do to help you easily take care of your horse is grow carrots beside the stable.