The best mods for Cyberpunk 2077

Change the game.

Image via CD Projekt Red

If you are curious what modders can get up to in Cyberpunk 2077, then we thought we would put together an evolving list of some of the best, or most useful, mods that you can find for the game.

While it is early days for many modders, who will still be getting to grips with exactly what kind of projects they want to work on, there are still some very useful things that might enhance your time spent with the game.

As with all mods, be sure to read all support documentation fully, so you know how to install and use them.

Cyber Engine Tweaks

Cyber Engine Tweaks brings various bug and crash fixes to the game, but also includes a debug menu that will be a vital tool for anybody who wants to dig around in the games insides.

Download it here.

Better Vehicle Handling

If you find the vehicle handling in the game a little undercooked, this mod will give you three different options that might suit your needs a little better.

Download it here.

Better Field of View Slider

The FOV slider in the game is kind of trashtier, and this mod will really improve upon it. You can get your FOV anwwhere from 30 to 150, and changes it from a 5-step to a 1-step slider, which is great news for all the screenshotters out there.

Download it here.

E to Interact, V to Walk

This mod will give you some vastly improved control options. Features include:

  • Changes the main key binding from F to E.
  • Adds the ability to Walk and Drive slowly by holding V.
  • Adds a dedicated Dodge by pressing Left Control and disables double-tap dodging.
  • Adds the ability to use the mouse scroll up and down for dialogue selection.
  • You can now use YGHJ as a workaround for toggleable Walk/Driving sp

Download it here.

Draw Distance Boost

If you have the juice for it, this Draw Distance Boost cuts out a lot of the annoying pop in of smaller details that happens are you move through the city.

Download it here.

Third Person Mod

This is currently the only third person mod available for Cyberpunk 2077, and is currently a work in progress. It comes with four different camera views, so you should be able to find something that suits your needs.

Download it here.

Alternate Crowd Behaviour

This mod will make changes to both crowd and traffic behaviour in the game. For traffic this means slightly more cars on the road, which can impact FPS, but as their is no driving AI no much can be done to impact how that traffic actually behaves.

Download it here.