The best restaurant themes and upgrades in PlateUp

To run a smooth restaurant, a dishwasher may need to be in your future.

Image via Yogscast Games

As you play PlateUp, each choice you make is important. Every round you use research desks to upgrade blueprints, and once per game, you can choose a theme that will either help make or break your restaurant. If you want to make smarter choices while playing, here are some of the best options at your kitchen’s disposal.

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What are the best restaurant themes in PlateUp?

In PlateUp, there are four restaurant themes: Affordable, Charming, Expensive, and Formal. Each theme comes with different perks that affect how your restaurant operates. If you want to pick the most lucrative, efficient themes, you’ll likely want to pick Formal or Expensive. The Formal restaurant theme encourages diners to be cleaner. With enough Formal decor in your eatery, there won’t be any messes at all. Makes cooking greasy food and serving customers a lot easier. Meanwhile, Expensive is exactly what it sounds like. The more Expensive decor in your restaurant, the more people will pay for your food. More money means more things you can buy or upgrade.

What are the best upgrades in PlateUp?

Once you have a research desk in your game, things can get pretty intense. You can upgrade sinks, garbage bins, and even mops. If all those appliance options overwhelm you, here’s a recommendation for the best upgrades in the game:

  • Power Sink: Upgraded from a basic sink, this sink washes dishes twice as fast. It can help streamline your cleaning process.
  • Dishwasher: Upgraded from the wash basin, the dishwasher is the perfect way to clear four plates, put them in the machine, and let them clean themselves while you’re busy taking orders. To get the wash basin, look for it in random drops or by upgrading a basic sink into one.
  • Simple Cloth Dining Table: Getting food out fast, and cleaning up afterward, can be a huge hassle. Upgrading a Dining Table into a Simple Cloth Dining Table can help you out immensely with that. Everyone at this table shares the same food, so you only ever have to create one dish for the table and only have to wash one plate. It’s a time-saver and a people pleaser all in one.
  • Fancy Cloth Dining Table: For players who love money, upgrading Dining Tables into Fancy Cloth Dining Tables just makes sense. Guest pay you 50% more when they sit at these tables.
  • Freezer: Upgraded from a counter, a Freezer is a great way to prep yourself for the next day. You can put one full, finished meal here and be ahead.
  • Frozen Prep Station: The Prep Station is where you can put extra pre-chopped or kneaded ingredients for yourself. A Frozen Prep Station means those ingredients can stay ready for you overnight. It’s perfect for streamlining your kitchen system.
  • Robot Mop or Robot Buffer: By upgrading either the Mop or the Floor Buffer, you can get these helpful robots. Both the Robot Mop and Robot Bluffer will clean your floors on your own. All you have to do is be careful not to run into them and you’ll never have to worry about your dining room and kitchen ever again.