The best SP-X 80 loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

A great one to quickly snipe enemies.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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The SP-X 80 is one of the best weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 at the moment with its amazing range and damage. This is also a great sniper to use for quickly scoping unsuspecting enemies while in the Warzone. While it is no doubt great with its base stats, it can be made much better, as well as deadly, with certain attachments and perks. With that in mind, here is the best loadout for the SP-X 80 for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0.

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Best SP-X 80 attachments and class setup in Warzone 2.0

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Ammunition: .300 High Velocity
  • Barrel: 22.5” Elevate-11
  • Laser: FSS Ole-V Laser
  • Muzzle: FTAC Reaper
  • Rear Grip: Schlager Match Grip
  • Perk Package: Weapons Specialist
    • Base Perks: Overkill and Strong Arm
    • Bonus Perk: Spotter
    • Ultimate Perk: Survivor
  • Lethal: Frag Grenade
  • Tactical: Stun Grenade

For the Warzone 2.0 loadout, we focused on improving the SP-X 80’s already amazing stats. The attachments that stand out here are the FSS Ole-V Laser and the FTAC Reaper muzzle. The FSS Ole-V Laser is a great choice for a lot of weapons in the game as it improves the ADS (Aim Down Sight) speed as well as the overall stability. The FTAC Reaper greatly increases the range as well as the recoil stability of the SP-X 80. Though it negatively affects the ADS speed and stability, it is mitigated by the other attachments’ benefits like the Schlager Match Grip and the 22.5” Elevate-11 barrel. In the Warzone, you need to take out enemies in one shot and the .300 High Velocity ammunition will help you achieve that.

With the perk package, we went with the Weapons Specialist one as it has Overkill as a base perk along with Strong Arm. Overkill is really useful especially for a sniper rifle loadout as it will let you carry an additional primary weapon needed for close-range encounters sometimes. The Kastov-74u and the M13B work as great choices for this slot. For the throwables, the Frag and Stun Grenade combo is always a great combination.