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The best speed settings in Sonic Frontiers

You don't always gotta go fast.

Sonic is all about speed, but Frontiers actually lets you tweak the specific settings that govern the blue blur’s pace. These aren’t cheat codes — you can’t use them to go faster than the game actually allows — but they are a great way to put more control into the hands of veteran players who like being a little more reckless. So how should you set yours?

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Speed Settings in Sonic Frontiers, explained

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Before we give you any specific recommendations, we should define what each of the settings mean. There are a variety of sliders in the menu, and you can set them between zero and 100 in increments of 10.

Starting Speed

This is essentially Sonic’s kickoff speed; it’s how fast he goes when you first start running.

Initial Boost Speed

Similar to the above, but it applies to the initial speed upon hitting your boost. This counts both inside of Cyber Space stages and while using the Power Boost in the overworld.

Turning Speed

This is how fast Sonic turns left or right when you move the joystick.

Boost Turning Speed

Again, this is similar to the setting above, but it specifically applies to when you’re boosting.

Top Speed

This governs the ultimate speed Sonic can go. It can’t push you past the limits of the max speed and ring capacity upgrades, but it does augment that stat.

Steering Sensitivity

This doesn’t affect Sonic himself, but it does change your input as the player. The higher it’s set, the less you actually need to move the joystick for Sonic to react. Think of this one like a mouse sensitivity setting on your computer.


The previous “speed” stats change how fast Sonic moves, but this one affects how fast he gets up to those speeds. A higher number here means getting back to your previous pace much quicker after a wipeout.

Bounce Height

This has less to do with speed and more with aerial control. The higher this is, the further Sonic will bump away when hitting uneven surfaces.

Camera Speed

This one’s self-explanatory. Higher camera speed means your viewing angle will rotate faster as you tilt the assigned joystick.

What speed settings should you use in Sonic Frontiers?

Screenshot by Gamepur

We won’t cop out and say that your settings should be entirely left up to you, but generally speaking, you should play around to figure out what’s most comfortable. Newcomers will likely want to keep all the default settings, while veterans may be more at home with everything cranked up.

That said, there is one particular setting that everyone should pay attention to: steering sensitivity. This should stay at or around 50% for everyone. You’ll be thrown off course if you go much higher than that, and you won’t be able to compensate for turns as well if it’s too low. Also, keeping starting speed and initial boost speed at 100 is a good idea anytime you’re going for an S Rank in one of the Cyber Space stages.

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