The best talents to get early in Hogwarts Legacy

Git gud, fast.

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The talent system is, without doubt, one of the most important ways to develop your character in Hogwarts Legacy. Talents can make you a mighty wizard and even grant you access to dark magic. However, it also includes critical upgrades essential for your progression in the game, so picking the right talents early is very important.

You’ll unlock the talents system after completing the quest “Jackdaw’s Rest.” So it might be sooner or later, depending on how much free roaming you did. Some of them are very important to first spend points, while others aren’t vital during the early game and might not even be helpful for your entire playthrough.

Which talents should you unlock first in Hogwarts Legacy?

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  • Core’s Spell Knowledge allows you to scroll between unlocked spell sets or swap them with different key binds. All you have to do is scroll between the spells, and you will have access to every single one during your open-world exploration and combat.
  • Core’s Basic Cast Mastery will reduce the cooldown of spells. So, if you hit your enemy multiple times with your regular attack, then you will reduce the cooldown of all your different spells.
  • Core’s Wiggenweld Potency will give you a more significant effect on healing, which makes it a lot easier to survive. If you’re playing on hard difficulty and get hit, you can lose a lot of HP. So this talent will come in handy.
  • Spells’ Incendio Mastery will upgrade Incendio, so it deals area of effect explosion damage to all your enemies.
  • Spell’s Accio Mastery allows you to pull multiple enemies towards you with one single cause.
  • Spell’s Leviosa Mastery causes multiple enemies to levitate.

With this powerful combo, you can pull all the enemies towards you with Accio, lift them up with Leviosa, and then blast them with Incendio.