The best wand core in Hogwarts Legacy – Which wand core should you choose?

What does your Wand core say about you?

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There will be a point as you playthrough Hogwarts Legacy where you can choose the construction of your personalized wand. Similar to the customization process of creating your character, your wand will be equally unique to you. You can decide to modify multiple things, and one of the big questions is what type of wand core you can use. Here’s what you need to know about the best wand core you can pick in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Which wand core should you choose to use in Hogwarts Legacy?

It all boils down to personal preference while playing Hogwarts Legacy. The wand core, based on our experience, does not change the usefulness of the wand and does not dictate the power of your character. These will not make them weaker or stronger, ultimately determined by your character’s stats and the types of spells they can use regularly.

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If you’re looking to use a more “powerful” wand, you might want to go with the Dragon Heartstring, as it has the most robust strength behind it. The Unicorn Hair provides the most persistent magic for the user. A Phoenix Feather is exceedingly rare for a wand, and they can produce a wide array of magic for the user.

These many choices, alongside the other customization options you can make for your wand, appear purely cosmetic. No stats are associated with the type of core you pick during this phase in the game. If you’re trying to have a similar wand to other Witches or Wizards of the Harry Potter series, you can try to make them as close as possible or add a unique flavor to your wand when you make it. Regardless, we do not recommend thinking too deeply about this process.