The best ways to farm XP in Fortnite

Level up fast.

Image via Epic Games

Every new season in Fortnite introduces a battle pass to the game, allowing players to grind levels and earn rewards. While simply playing the game will eventually lead to players leveling up their battle pass, certain measures can be taken to speed up the leveling process. Here are the three best ways to farm XP in Fortnite.

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Complete Daily and Weekly Quests

This is a no-brainer, but finishing Daily and Weekly Quests regularly will yield the most XP. Daily Quests are easy to complete, and while Weekly Quests are challenging and may be more time-consuming, they aren’t hard either. Keep in mind Weekly Quests refresh every Tuesday, so ensure you finish them within the given time.

Play with friends

Image via Epic Games

Party Assist is a fantastic feature available in Fortnite, which makes completing quests very simple. Every time you use the function while playing with friends in any mode, whatever advancement you make toward finishing quests will be shared among everyone on the team. Hence, if you have a quest to hit 10 headshots, any headshots made by you or your teammate will be shared amongst every party member.

Make use of Double XP Weekends

Although Double XP Weekends might be a rare sighting in Fortnite nowadays, it’s easily the best period to grind for levels when active. As the name suggests, any XP you get during the period gets doubled, allowing you to accelerate progress significantly. We recommend following different social handles for Fortnite so that you get notified of Double XP Weekend in advance.

Leveling up using V-Bucks

If you are a player who doesn’t mind forking out a few bucks on a game, you can buy battle pass levels using V-Bucks. Each level costs 150 V-Bucks, and you can buy up to 100 levels each season. Of course, buying 100 levels straight up isn’t recommended as it will be heavy on anyone’s pocket, but if you aim to reach specific milestones on a battle pass and are short on time, using V-Bucks might be the way to go.