Tears of the Kingdom – How to Get Sun Pumpkins

Sun Pumpkins are a rare vegetable you can find in Tears of the Kingdom, and this guide shows you how to unlock them.

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Not every resource you find in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be out in the open for you to acquire. Some of them will appear as you progress through the story, working alongside the citizens of Hyrule, as you complete quests for them. One of the new vegetables I discovered during my Tears of the Kingdom playthrough were Sun Pumpkins.

Sun Pumpkins are a unique vegetable that becomes available later in the game, and they only begin to appear after several specific tasks are completed. It took us a bit of time to go down this rabbit hole, but it was worth it to unlock these pumpkins. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Sun Pumpkins in Tears of the Kingdom.

All Sun Pumpkin Unlock Requirements in Tears of the Kingdom

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Before discussing the specifics of unlocking Sun Pumpkins in TotK, it’s important to get a handful of quests finished before reaching this point. These quests have to do with The Mayoral Election in Hateno Village. I had to complete this quest, along with all of the side quests involved with it to begin my work to unlock the Sun Pumpkins.

These are all of the quests that need to be completed to finish up The Mayoral Election in Tears of the Kingdom.

After those five have been wrapped up, and I completed The Mayoral Election quest, the Sun Pumpkins were finally available. However, there’s still a bit of work, and a specific quest that needs to be done: Homegrown in Hateno.

How to Complete Homegrown in Hateno in Tears of the Kingdom

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There is a new side quest in Hateno Village called Homegrown in Hateno that you can start in your Tears of the Kingdom playthrough. I found this quest in the pumpkin patch, close to the border of the village on the west side, before Ginner Woods.

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Here, Reede is waiting to speak with us. Upon speaking with him, he shares that monsters have been attacking the pumpkin patch at night, but they disappear in the morning. He needs our help defending the area at night. I had the option to wait with him to check out the monsters attacking this area, or I could come back later. There’s no time like the present, so I chose to help immediately, and we waited until nightfall for the monsters.

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Shortly after night falls the monsters arrive. They attacked the pumpkin in waves, which gave me plenty of time to fight a few of them before moving on to the next set. I was able to heal throughout the process periodically, and after the fourth or fifth wave, the monsters dispersed. Right when 5:00 hits in Tears of the Kingdom, the monsters go away.

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Upon completing the quest, Reede shared that he was able to create a new type of pumpkin called a Sun Pumpkin. As a reward, I received five of them, but they were not offered in the General Store at Hateno Village, and they should remain on sale there throughout the rest of the Tears of the Kingdom playthrough.

Where to Find Sun Pumpkins in Tears of the Kingdom

Now that the quest is over, the only way we’ve been able to track down Sun Pumpkins is by visiting Hateno Village. These pumpkins will be offered in the General Store whenever visiting, and they will be offered for 20 Rupees.

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