Tears of the Kingdom – Should You Choose Team Cece or Team Reede?

As Hyrule’s savior, trivial decisions like siding with one politician or another could greatly affect Tears of the Kingdom’s realm, right?

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Once you stumble upon Hateno Village in Tears of the Kingdom and chat with the sassy Cece, prepare for some serious political drama. The game throws you into a two-sided dilemma: Do you side with Reede, the wise old caretaker who’s been running the show, or do you jump on the Cece train, the energetic newcomer giving the Village a makeover?

The real question is, which mayor will give you the best perks and advantages? Forget about saving the world; it’s time to rig an election.

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How to Start Team Cece or Team Reede in Tears of the Kingdom

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Team Cece or Team Reede? is a side adventure in TotK, required to complete the mayoral election quest line found in Hateno Village.

To start the quest, head over to the armor shop in Hateno Village and interact with the people standing outside. You’ll be invited inside to talk with Cece, but your conversation will soon be interrupted by Reede, the current mayor of Hateno Village.

Should you choose Cece or Reede in Tears of the Kingdom?

If you side with Reede during their heated discussion, Cece will go into a frenzy and attempt to kick you out of her shop. Her sister, Sophie, will stop and ask her to reconsider, giving you another chance to answer. Naturally, this second time you can choose Cece.

Whether you chose Cece from the beginning or picked her as a second option, it won’t change the game significantly. You’ll just get an extra angry Cece cutscene or skip it altogether.

Both options will quickstart the Mayoral Election side quest, which entails handing out apples to several NPCs, making local cheese, and invading people’s personal property to uncover their secrets. This whole ordeal will culminate in the election of Hateno’s next mayor. Still, your opinion won’t have much of a say in that.