Tears of the Kingdom – How to Complete The Mayoral Election Quest

Some major political feud is going down in Hateno Village. Complete The Mayoral Election in Tears of the Kingdom to solve it.

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In Tears of the Kingdom, all the people of Hyrule rise together to restore balance in their world. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean a few political feuds won’t arise now and then. Hateno Village is a symbolic landmark in Zelda games, but in Tears of the Kingdom, it’s received a makeover thanks to the arrival of Cece, the owner of the new boutique — not a clothing shop —. She’s got a knack for fashion, and the residents love it — well, those are not too stuck in their old ways, like Mayor Reede. After arriving in Hateno Village, you’ll be part of a significant political beef between Mayor Reede and Cece in the Mayoral Election quest.

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How to Start The Mayoral Election

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The Mayoral Election is the final side quest in the Hateno Village election quest chain. Before unlocking this quest, the following need to be cleared.

How to Complete Team Cece or Team Reede

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To begin this quest, speak to Cece for the first time in Hateno Village’s clothing shop.

Cece asks that 8 Hylian Mushrooms be handed to Hateno residents who don’t favor Cece to earn support in the future mayor elections. Reede’s supporters don’t sport a shroom hat or attire, so they are pretty easy to spot. Though they don’t have a fixed location, they can be found around these locations:

  1. Uma: Village center
  2. Leop: Village center
  3. Tamana: Village entrance
  4. Worten: Near the inn
  5. Dantz: Near the pasture
  6. Koyin: Near the pasture
  7. Tokk: Near the Lab
  8. Nack: Working on the farms

With all the Hylian Shrooms delivered, head back to Cece to complete the quest.

How to Complete Cece’s Secret

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Speak to Cece’s sister, Sophie, outside the clothing shop. She’ll say Cece’s been acting weird at night. Players will have to harness their sneaking abilities to find out what’s going on. Wait for Cece to exit the house and follow her to the barn. Crouch to avoid giving yourself away. 

When she reaches her destination, she’ll lock the door. The way inside is by climbing the barn up and to the right. Get in through the door at the top of the barn. Turns out the lady actually likes veggies after all.

How to Complete Reede’s Secret

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Speak to Reede’s wife, Clavia, outside their home in Hateno Village. She also has some concerns as to why her husband is locking himself up in their shed at night. 

Wait until nighttime and follow Reede to the shed. Just like Cece, he’ll lock himself inside the shed. Look behind the shed and spot a well to see what he is hiding. Head down the well to find a secret cave. Look for the quest marker below the cave and use Ascend to get in the shed. Once inside, read Reede’s diary to uncover his little secret: he’s into shroomy fashion.

How to Complete A Letter to Koyin

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To start A Letter to Koyin, head to the Hateno Pasture and speak to Koyin nearby Lake Sumac. This quest aims to fetch Koyin’s letter from the lake and bring it back to her. Ultrahand will come in handy.

Chop some of the trees nearby and attach three logs. Then, attach a fan to the rear of the logs to craft a raft. Place this raft in the floating bottle’s direction and hit the fan once to trigger the raft. Once you’re close enough, hit the fan to stop the raft. Finally, use Ultrahand to grab the bottle and attach it to the DIY raft. All that’s left is to head back to Koyin with the letter. She’ll give you Hateno Cheese as a reward, which you should save for the following quest.

How to Complete A Signature Food

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A Signature Food unlocks after speaking to Reede for the first time. He’s feeling down and wants to taste his signature Hateno Cheese. If A Letter to Koyin is already completed, the quest can be finished immediately, triggering “The Mayoral Election.”

Head to Cece’s shop and speak to Sophie outside to trigger a cutscene. All your hard work has led up to the moment Hateno Village decides who its elected mayor will be.

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