Tears of the Kingdom – How To Get the Evil Spirit Armor Set

One of the most elusive outfits in Tears of the Kingdom is the Evil Spirit Armor Set, so dark that it’s been sealed away until Link finds it.


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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is packed with weapons, armor, and secrets for Link to find on their adventure across Hyrule’s land, sky, and Depths. No armor is more challenging to acquire than the Evil Spirit Armor set. A set that’s been locked away by the Zonai since long before Breath of the Wild. This guide explains how to get every piece of the Evil Spirit Armor set so Link can sneak their way past every enemy.

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What Does the Evil Spirit Armor Set do?

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The Evil Spirit Armor set applies a full stack of Stealth Up effects to Link. This improves their sneaking ability dramatically. In practice, we’ve been able to casually jog past groups of enemies without them noticing us because it’s so powerful. When combined with Elixirs that also apply Sneak Up to Link, they may as well be invisible because nothing will alert an enemy.

The base defense rating of each piece is 4, and most players will want to upgrade that because the improvement to stealth is so powerful. We’ve been able to sneak past the toughest enemies in the game in this set, making it well worth the effort required to get it.

How to Get the Evil Spirit Armor Set

The Evil Spirit Armor set is split into three pieces, helmet, greaves, and armor. Below, we’ve outlined how to get each piece of this armor so anyone can track down the entire set and benefit from its effect on Link.

How to Get the Evil Spirit Greaves

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To get the Evil Spirit Greaves, players must visit the North Lomei Labyrinth and complete the North Lomei Prophecy side quest. The labyrinth is located at map coordinates -0809, 3533, 0392 in the Tabantha Tundra region. To start the quest, players need to follow the trail of seeds through the labyrinth to its center, where the side quest starts. From there, they must reach the sky labyrinth directly above the one on Hyrule and activate four terminals.

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Finally, once those terminals have been activated, they must descend to the Depths directly below the North Lomei Labyrinth and defeat a Flux Construct III. Upon beating the boss, a terminal will activate. Accessing this terminal reveals a chest, inside the Evil Spirit Greaves.

How to Get the Evil Spirit Mask

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Players must complete The South Lomei Prophecy side quest to get the Evil Spirit Mask. To start the side quest, they must visit the South Lomei Labyrinth in the Gerudo Desert at map coordinates -1976, -3331, 0129 and follow the seeds to its center. Link can activate a terminal to activate the quest, which will see them perform the same tasks as in the previous quest.

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First, they must activate four terminals in the sky labyrinth directly above the South Lomei Labyrinth. Then, they’ll fall into the Depths to tackle another Flux Construct III miniboss. Interact with the final terminal once the boss has been defeated, and the Evil Spirit Mask will be obtained.

How to Get the Evil Spirit Armor

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To get the Evil Spirit Armor for Link’s body, players need to complete The Lomei Labyrinth Island Prophecy side quest. This quest can be picked up from the Lomei Island Labyrinth at map coordinates 4653, 3544, 0089 in the Akkala Sea. Link will need to follow seeds to reach the labyrinth’s center and start the side quest as with both previous pieces of this armor set.

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This final side quest is no different from the previous two. Link must visit the sky labyrinth above Lomei Labyrinth Island and activate four terminals. Then, they must defeat a Flux Construct III miniboss in the Depths. After that last boss has been beaten, they can claim the last piece of this set, the Evil Spirit Armor.