The Missing Muse Treasure Hunt guide – Far Cry 6

Brine and rhymes.

The Missing Muse is a treasure hunt in Far Cry 6. Treasure Hunts are special missions that send you on a search for clues and items that will eventually lead you to a reward. The Missing Muse is all about a poet and his lost love, and players will need to track down some poetry paragraphs to solve this one.

Players should begin by heading to the Treasure Hunt marker for the mission. They will find a small red book on the wall of a shack. Reading it will reveal the love been a poet called Ambrosia and his love, Rosa.

Nearby, players will be able to see a large building built from an old boat. Head up the stairs and walk around to the front, where you will find a key hanging on the wall. There is a board covered in numbers, and the one with a key is strangely blank.

From there, walk across the pier to the large stilted hut, where you will find a poem at the top of it. The poem speaks of a cliff, and you can see a small outcrop of rock directly ahead. Take the zipline across, then you will find another poem at the top of the cliff.

The poem describes how Rosa is actually a boat that sank. Dive off the cliff and swim down into the water to find Rosa at the bottom of the sea. At the rear of the ship is a chest that you can open with the key to get the Tech Mask.