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The most popular Legends in Apex Legends, ranked by pick rate

The Apex Legends community hasn't forgotten about the game's launch characters.

As a hero shooter, Apex Legends holds over 20 characters, each having defining abilities that can amass eliminations and protect your entire squad. However, there is no doubt that some Legends are stronger than others, bearing moves that either help locates opponents or make you travel with immense speed. As a result, many players have gravitated toward a select few on the roster. This guide will reveal the most popular Legends in Apex Legends and their pick rate.

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Who are the most popular characters in Apex Legends?

As revealed by database ApexLegendsStatus, the most frequently picked Legend in the battle royale is Octane, selected in an impressively high 11% of all squads. The speedy launcher is one of many longstanding characters rounding out the top of the list, too, as launch characters Wraith, Pathfinder, and Bloodhound, respectively, trail just a little behind in popularity. Most striking, newer Legends, such as Mad Maggie and Newcastle, seemingly have struggled to win over fans, both being a part of the five least chosen Legends. You can discover the pick rates of all Legends below, in order of the most popular.

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  1. Octane: 11%
  2. Wraith: 10.3%
  3. Pathfinder: 9.3%
  4. Bloodhound: 8.5%
  5. Horizon: 7.9%
  6. Bangalore: 5.6%
  7. Valkyrie: 5.1%
  8. Lifeline: 4.7%
  9. Seer: 4.5%
  10. Loba: 4%
  11. Fuse: 3.3%
  12. Vantage: 2.9%
  13. Mirage: 2.9%
  14. Ash: 2.8%
  15. Catalyst: 2.6%
  16. Wattson: 2.5%
  17. Revenant: 2.2%
  18. Caustic: 2.1%
  19. Mad Maggie: 1.9%
  20. Gibraltar: 1.7%
  21. Rampart: 1.6%
  22. Newcastle: 1.4%
  23. Crypto: 1.3%

All launch characters do not require Apex Coins to unlock, likely playing a significant factor in their pick rates. However, these rates do change rapidly once new characters debut. The database notes that Season 15 Legend Catalyst was once in 12% of all squads shortly after her introduction before being outnumbered by classic fan favorites. You can expect this trend to happen again once the next season’s character joins the roster, a Legend that many believe to be known as Ballistic.

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