Tips for playing Frost & Fury’s Chaos mode in Century: Age of Ashes

Be the best dragon killer out there.


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Frost & Fury adds a new game mode to Century: Age of Ashes for a limited time, Chaos. In this game mode, there are no teams. Instead, it’s a free-for-all match where every player is in it for themselves, tasked with killing as many opponents as possible to emerge as the victor at the end of the match. This guide offers a few tips to improve your score in Chaos and get more eliminations while you’re at it.

Marauder is the best class for Chaos

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We’ve found that the best class to play as for Chaos mode is Marauder. The Hunter’s Mark ability allows you to pick a target and fire a relentless barrage of fireballs at them. This will whittle down their health significantly faster than your standard fireballs or the firebreath attack, meaning you pick up more kills in each match. We’d also recommend using the Gust ability because it allows you to negate incoming fireballs and survive for longer. Finally, there’s the all-important Berzerk power that occurs once per match, giving you enhanced attacks and defenses for a short period of time.

Don’t die

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This one might seem obvious, but try to die as little as possible. The scoring in Chaos mode is heavily weighted in favor of those with the fewest deaths. So regardless of how many eliminations you get or points you earn, you’ll rank higher at the end of a match if you have the fewest deaths.

Grab pickups regularly

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If you want to survive and place highest at the end of a match, you need to grab pickups regularly. Of course, health and shields are the most important, but Wind Blessings are also useful for giving you a boost to help you get away from pursuers. Don’t ignore these items dotted around the map, or you’ll regret it.

Be relentless

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Our final tip is to pick a target and chase them down relentlessly. Don’t give up on a pursuit because the enemy flies away. Change direction, boost, and do whatever you need to track them down and kill them. Assists give you some points, but it’s full kills that count towards eliminations, and those will help you score higher and place higher at the end of a match.