Top 10 Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Mods & How to Install Them

Baldur’s Gate has a growing selection of great mods to add to your game, and this guide will explain how to install mods and show you some of the best picks.


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Baldur’s Gate 3 is a huge game with a ton of content for players to enjoy, but that hasn’t stopped the game from cultivating a healthy modding community set on adding to and tweaking the game with the developers being in full support.

There are some great mods out there, and more are being worked on all the time. Naturally, players may want to get in on the action and try some out themselves. To help players get off on the right foot, we’ve put together this guide with all the details on how to install mods for Baldur’s Gate 3, and provide some of our picks that we recommend you download when you begin your next adventure.

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How to Install Mods in Baldur’s Gate 3

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There are two ways to install mods for Baldur’s Gate 3: manually or using a mod manager. We’ll be covering both in this guide so you can choose which options you prefer.

Manually Mod Install Steps

To manually install mods, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Locate your mods folder in the game’s files, which can be found by going into your user file and to this location: C:\Users\*YourUser*\Documents\Larian Studios\Baldur’s Gate 3\Mods
  2. Have the mods you want to install ready, we recommend you download them from Nexus Mods.
  3. Once they are downloaded, drag them into the Mods folder.
  4. Once all the mods are there, you’ll need to go into the modsettings.lsx and do some editing based on instructions provided by the mods creator. You can use any text editor program to do this.
  5. Lastly, save the changes and launch the game to see if they are working.

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Mod Manager Install Steps

As for using a mod manager, it can take a little longer to set up, but make your life a little easier, as the mod manager will handle some of the more technical aspects. To install and use a mod manager, you’ll want to:

  1. Before you do anything else, make sure that your .NET Framework 4.7.2 is installed and up to date.
  2. Download the BG3 Mod Manager here.
  3. Once installed, open the program and it should find the installations folder for Baldur’s Gate 3. If not, you can help it along by going to Preferences and going through the files.
  4. Download all the mods you want from Nexus.
  5. Once thats done, extract the .pak files from the mods and place them into the C:\Users\*YourUser*\Documents\Larian Studios\Baldur’s Gate 3\Mods location.
  6. After you’ve done this, refresh your Mod Manager, and you should see the modes appear on the inactive section on the right of the UI.
  7. Now, drag the mods you want to use over the Active section of the UI, and click the first export option, Export Load Order to Game, which will update all your files.
  8. Open up the game, and you should be good to go!

Best Mods in Baldur’s Gate 3

Now you know how to install mods, it’s time to decide which ones you want to use, and while the game is currently in its early days, there are still some great options for players to choose from. Below you’ll find some of our picks for best mods in Baulder’s Gate 3, and expect us to update this guide with more as we find them.

Customizer’s Compendium

Image via Nexus Mods

Baldur’s Gate already has a pretty robust amount of customization, but what if you wanted more? That’s where this first mod comes in. The Customizer’s Compendium offers players even more options when it comes to creating their perfect character, including options only available to NPC. There are plenty of new hairstyles, horns, and other options that provide players with more choices in how they want their hero to look.

Of course, this will likely mean you’ll be in the character creature for hours, but who isn’t anyway?

Fantastical Multiverse

Image via Nexus Mods

There is a good amount of choice when it comes to races in Baldur’s Gate 3, and this mod only adds to that impressive amount.

Fantastical Multiverse adds 54 races to the game, including Changelings, Kobolds, Goliaths, and Goblins to name a few, as well as updates to several of the races in the game to the 2024 rules seen in the Unearthed Arcana. It also has several subraces, and a few homebrew ones as well, making this a robust mod for players who want more options in what they play.

Carry Weight Increase

Image via Nexus Mods

While encumbrance does make sense in a game like Baldur’s Gate 3, some players just want to horde everything they can and loot every single item they see. For those players, this is the mod for you.

This mod does exactly what it says on the tin, and allows you to increase your carry limit as much or as little as possible, making you able to look and hoard everything you can find during your adventures. It’s simple but effective and great for players who can’t help but loot everything in sight. Yes, including candles.

Level 20 (Multiclass)

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For balancing reasons, Baldur’s Gate 3 only allows players to reach level 12 instead of the usual 20. This mod does away with that limitation thanks to multiclassing.

The Level 20 (Multiclass) mod allows characters to reach level 20 via multiclassing, so long as a class does not exceed the level 12 limit. This allows for more multiclass variety, stronger builds, and options for players to use. There are some limitations and issues with the mod currently, so be sure to check the notes before using this one.

Basket Full of Equipment

Image via Nexus Mods

Any mod that adds more options for customization is a plus, especially in a game like Baldur’s Gate 3, and this mod is a perfect example of that.

The Basket Full of Equipment mod adds almost 700 new pieces of armor and equipment for players to use, providing more choices for players in how they look. It also has a couple of extra custom spells to clear off blood from your party and hide characters if you want to get the perfect screenshot. It’s more customization, so it’s always a plus.

Rarities of the Realms 5E

Image via Nexus Mods

The Rarities of the Realms 5E mod adds in a ton of magical items ranging from uncommon all the way to legendary into Baldur’s Gate 3 that are found in the Forgotten Realms.

These include items like Stone of Good Luck, Belt of Hill Giant Strength, and Flame Tongue Greatsword to name a few. There are currently 28 items in this mod, with updates said to be coming to tweak and potentially add more in the future.

5E Spells

Image via Nexus Mods

While Baldur’s Gate 3 is filled with spells for players to use, there were quite a few that did not make their way into the game. This mod changes that.

The 5E Spells mod adds a ton of spells to the game, ranging from Cantrips up to level 5, and include spells like Druidcraft, Toll the Dead, Earth Tremor, and Conjure Volley to name a few. It’s a worthwhile mod if you want to expand your spell options, but know that this mod doesn’t look to be getting any major additions for some time.

Improved UI

Image via Nexus Mods

This mode is super straightforward and does exactly what you’d expect. The Improved UI mod tweaks some UI elements to make them a bit cleaner, including adding a black background to dialogue options screens, removing the version number, and hiding icons when in dialogue to name a few.

It’s not too fancy, but it can be a nice addition and tidies up some of the game’s more messy UI elements.

Party Limit Begone

Image via Nexus Mods

Finding it hard to decide who to take with you during your adventures in Baldur’s Gate 3? This mod solves that so you don’t have to!

The Party Limit Begone mod increases the party limit to 16 and the multiplayer limited to 8, allowing players to recruit and take all their companions along with them on their journey, and play with more friends online. Naturally, this might unbalance the game, but the more the merrier right?

Fast EXP

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While the idea of a huge game like Baldur’s Gate 3 is appealing, the grind to level up might not be. You might also be someone who doesn’t have the time to commit to that kind of grind thanks to other commitments like family or work. This mod can help with that.

The Fast EXP mod allows players to tweak how much EXP they earn during their playthrough with two options, either to level up faster until level 6 where it reverts back to normal, or to simply half all EXP requirements to level up. It’s a simple mod, but can make for a smoother experience for some players, or a less time-consuming one for those who can only dip in and out when time allows.