Top 10 Legacy Challenges for The Sims 4

Sims 4 is all about telling interesting stories, and these legacy challenges add an additional layer to your gameplay.

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The Sims 4 is basically an open sandbox world where you can do pretty much whatever you want, whenever you want. While that’s part of the game’s appeal for some players, many Simmers love a good challenge. Sims 4 does include challenges called “scenarios” that players can attempt, but homegrown challenges have been a part of the Sims community for years and we don’t plan to stop any time soon.

One of the most popular challenge types is the legacy challenge, a multi-generational saga where players try to meet certain guidelines and restrictions for each new generation of their Sim family. Common rules include chasing specific careers, playing Sims with certain traits, or having a particular number of offspring, among countless others. When you’re looking for a way to spice up your Sims gaming experience, these are ten of the most interesting legacy challenges to tackle.

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The Decades Legacy Challenge

The Sims 4 Cottage Living Scene
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The Decades Challenge is an intense legacy challenge created by @ZombieCleo on the Sims Forum. Simmers play through multiple generations spanning from the 1890s through to the 2010s. For each generation, you follow a set of rules based on that time period, restricting that your Sims can have in their home and the behaviors they’re allowed to engage in.

Rules include things like not having any electricity or indoor toilets through to which members of the household are allowed to hold jobs depending on the decade. If you’re looking for a complex multigenerational legacy challenge, this one just might be a fit.

100 Baby Challenge

Sims 4 Baby Shower
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Perhaps one of the best known legacy challenges out there is the 100 Baby Challenge, which has been around since it was created for The Sims 2 by Amiisay. The goal of the challenge is in the name, but there’s a twist. Not only do you try to have 100 babies in the Sims, but the original rules also stipulate that each baby should have a different father. Talk about a complicated family tree!

Some of the original rules may need to be tweaked when taking on the 100 Baby Challenge for The Sims 4, but the core goal of having a bunch of babies with a bunch of different fathers, without using cheats, remains the same.

The Forgotten Realms Legacy Challenge

Welcome to Dungeons and Dragons
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Dungeons & Dragons fans who also play The Sims 4, raise your hands, because this legacy challenge is for you. The Forgotten Realms challenge, created by @faepsprings, draws its rulset from the different playable classes in D&D.

For each generation, you have certain traits and goals based on a particular class, from Generation One’s Bard to the final Fighter generation. If you wish your Sims 4 Game was a bit more like your weekly D&D sesh, this is the legacy challenge for you.

The Fatal Flaws Legacy Challenge

Sims 4 Snob
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Do you have a tendency to play Sims with the same, easy-to-manage traits time and time again? With the Fatal Flaws Legacy Challenge, created by @siyasims, you’ll be forced to exit that box and navigate some difficult Sims.

This challenge gives each generation a flaw they have to deal with (or lean into), ranging from having the mean trait to snobby sims right through to being downright evil. As your Sims navigate life with their fatal flaws, you have different goals to accomplish with each generation to achieve this legacy challenge.

Barbie Legacy Challenge

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A fun legacy challenge inspired by our favorite pink-clad feminist is the Barbie legacy challenge, created by Sims Himbo on tumblr. In this multigenerational saga, all heirs must be named Barbie, so get your “Hey Barbie!” ready if you plan to take on this challenge.

Each generation has a different set of rules based around a particular Barbie, from housewife Barbie to Barbie: In Space. With each generation you’ll take on a different aspiration, skills, and career to mirror Barbie’s many roles over the years. Ken is optional.

Nightmare Legacy Challenge

Sims 4 Career Goals
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This challenge, created by @matchacake on Tumblr, asks you to achieve a great deal within each generation’s lifetime, with the catch that you play with the lifespan set to short. That means you’re cramming a lot of character growth into the shortest Sim life possible.

For each new generation, Sims must reach the maximum level in their career, max out two skills, achieve their aspiration and more. There’s a story mode and a nightmare mode so players choose just how much of a challenge they really want.

Stardew Valley Legacy Challenge

Image via ConcernedApe

What’s better than playing one cozy game? Combining two of them into one. That’s what we get with the Stardew Valley Legacy challenge, created by @chellplays.

For this challenge, you’re create each of the iconic Stardew Valley villagers over time, starting with Abigail and ending with the man we all want to fix, Shane. Each generation has different goals and rules based around the character you’re playing through, offering a great deal of variety across the span of this legacy challenge.

Witch Legacy Challenge

The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack
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If you’re into story-based legacy challenges, the Witch Legacy Challenge created by @njadakaufey offers a magical tale.

In this challenge, you inherit a haunted house from your aunt, who is rumored to be the reason your family is cursed. You will play through different challenges to learn about the curse and advance the story, ultimately becoming a witch so you can fight magic with magic.

Celebrity Sims 4 Legacy Challenge

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Like your Sims with a side of papparazi? The Celebrity Legacy Challenge from @cowplant-pizza lets you embrace the trials and tribulations of fame across multiple generations.

In the Celebrity Legacy Challenge, you’ll begin as a famous chef and spend each new generation maintaining the family’s fame, but through a different means. This is a great challenge for testing out all the different ways a Sim can get into and stay in the spotlight in the Get Famous DLC.

Career Legacy Challenge

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If you’re interested in exploring a variety of Sim careers but without the added layer of fame, the Career Legacy Challenge by @risshella invites you to do just that. Generation by generation, you’ll play your way through every career branch on offer in the game.

For each generation, you’ll need to reach the top of that given career before you can play on to the next. You also move out at the start of each generation, building your life and your household from the ground up, ensuring that your Sims will need to excel in their new line of work to make ends meet.

As you can see, there’s no end to creative new legacy challenges thought up by members of the Sims 4 fan community. No matter your preferred style of play or the kinds of stories you like to tell, there’s almost certainly a Sims 4 Legacy Challenge that will suit your tastes.