The top 10 best Minecraft YouTubers

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YouTube has long been a haven for gamers to share their experiences with the world. This is especially true for players of Minecraft. With an infinite canvas for players to explore and build on and an ever-growing community of modders it is no surprise that Minecraft is one of the most popular games to upload on YouTube. Videos generated using Minecraft have ranged from lets plays to comedic skits, build tutorials, redstone engineering tutorials, and even music videos. This list showcases some of the most popular Minecraft channels on the YouTube platform.

1. DanTDM

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Formerly known as TheDiamondMineCart, Daniel “DanTDM” Middleton has been creating content since 2010. Dan initially focused on the Pok√©mon franchise but switched to Minecraft in 2012. He is currently the most popular Minecraft YouTuber and the most viewed UK YouTuber with 22.4 million subscribers. Dan holds the world record for the most views for a Minecraft channel.

Dan makes a large variety of videos, but he is best known for his mod showcases and modded gameplay series. One of his most popular series is the Diamond Dimensions, where he plays a unique mod pack adding several new dimensions to Minecraft. Dan is also currently working on a hardcore mode series that began in July of 2019.

2. PopularMMOs

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Patrick, aka PopularMMOs, has been steadily gaining popularity since he began creating content in 2012. Pat plays Fornite and ROBLOX but mainly focuses on Minecraft. Pat is best known for his comical commentary and his Minecraft series The Challenge Games and Epic Proportions. Pat often collaborates and competes in modded games and mini-games with his ex-wife GamingWithJen.

3. CaptainSparklez

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Jordon “CaptainSparklez” Maron is a popular Twitch streamer, music producer, and YouTuber that has been creating content for 10 years. He is best known for his Minecraft themed music videos, and Minecraft let’s plays. CaptainSparklez comedic and catchy Minecraft parodies of popular songs and his enthusiastic gameplay have earned him a massive following of 10.7 million subscribers. He often collaborates with other content creators, including TryHardNinja and SlamACow, among many others.

CaptainSparklez recently completed a series on the RLCraft modpack and started a new modded survival series based on the popular DigSite modpack.

4. UnspeakableGaming

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UnspeakablGaming or only Unspeakable is a famous American content creator known for his witty comedic personality. Unspeakable has been creating content since 2012 and has gained a following of 8.47 million subscribers. He creates a large variety of videos, including Minecraft lists, challenges, and build tutorials. He often collaborates with MooseCraft, Shark, PrestonPlayz, and many others.

5. Bajan Canadian

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Mitchell “Bajan Canadian” Hughes started uploading 2008 as a member of AwesomeSuaceFilms before it went on hiatus in 2012. Since then Bajan has been uploading independently and has gained 5.83 million subscribers since. Bajan mainly focuses on competitive minigames such as battledome, hunger games, parkour speed runs, and adventure maps.

6. PrestonPlayz

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Preston “PrestonPlayz” Arsement is a content creator that focuses on Minecraft, ROBLOX, and Fortnite. Preston mainly uploads vlogs and challenge videos. Preston has multiple channels that each focuses on a different game. PrestonPlayz is his Minecraft channel, where he regularly collaborates with his friends, including Logdotzip and UnspeakableGaming.

7. TheAtlanticCraft

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TheAtlanticCraft is a collaborative channel run by Cody “TheCodyMaverick” Owen. Cody has been creating content since 2012, where he collaborates with several other YouTubers. Collectively Cody and his collaborators are known as the Realm of Atlantis or the Atlantis Network. Cody frequently uploads modded Minecraft videos, mainly focusing on RPG based modpacks. Recently he has been using Minecraft Dragons pack. The group also runs and takes part in an active Minecraft server that is frequently featured on their channels.

8. JeromeASF

The Last of Us: Monster Concept Art
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Jerome “JeromeASF” Aceti has been uploading since 2011. He is a former member of a group called The Pack, where he played with other YouTubers, including PrestonPlayz, Lachlan, and BajanCanadian. Jerome’s main draw is his comedic collaborations with his friends. Jerome and his friends play a lot of modded Minecraft along with several other games. The group of friends often poses exciting and fun challenges for the group to undertake. While Jerome plays a lot of different games, he focuses mainly on Minecraft with the simple goal of having as much fun as possible.

9. ExplodingTNT

The Last of Us: Left Out Monster
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Saman “ExplodingTNT” Rajabian is a Canadian YouTuber that got his start by making things explode. TNT began uploading in 2011, where he initially focused on just making various things in Minecraft blow up. After a while, he switched his focus over to making funny and exciting machinimas and skits. Over time TNT’s videos have become more polished and thought-provoking, including organized plot and character development. Most of his videos focus on “what if” theories for Minecraft. Something very unique about TNT is that unlike all of the other YouTubers on this list, he does not speak in his videos. TNT did not reveal his voice until mid-2019 when he reached five million subscribers. Even after the reveal, most of his videos have not featured his natural voice. This quirk has earned him a great deal of admiration from his 5.16 million subscribers and followers.

10. Mumbo Jumbo

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Oliver “Mumbo Jumbo” Brotherhood is an English Minecraft YouTuber best known for his redstone contraptions. Mumbo has gained a following of just over five million subscribers on his channel since he began uploading in 2012. His channel has numerous tutorials for almost every kind of redstone contraption imaginable, with more being designed all the time. Mumbo is also a longtime member of the Hermitcraft server, where he plays with other popular Minecraft content creators such as Grian, Xisuma, and Iskall85. Aside from Hermitcraft and his redstone tutorials, Mumbo also uploads videos where he experiments with Minecraft features, competes with Grian in build challenges, builds ridiculous requests from his subscribers, and much more.