What do Pigs eat in Minecraft?

They don’t eat just garbage like in real life.

Image via Mojang

Pigs are one of the original creatures made in Minecraft. These little pink mobs will often be used to get yourself food and can even be used as a method of transportation if you have a saddle. As is the case in real life, they are great animals to have on a farm, so if you have an area to keep them, you can continually gather food from slaying them. To keep having Pigs at your place in Minecraft, here is what you need to feed them.

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What items can you feed Pigs in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, Pigs will only eat three different items: Beetroots, Carrots, or Potatoes. All of these can be found in gardens in Villages, or the seed can sometimes be found within Chests located in various structures or by trading with a Farmer Villager. When you are holding one of these items, or a Carrot on a Stick, the Pig will walk up to you and follow you until you are either far enough away from them or switch to another item.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you have a farm, we recommend putting a garden close by that you can keep replanting and harvesting to spawn more Pigs. Unlike other farm animals in Minecraft, Wheat will not affect Pigs, but Carrots and Potatoes, in particular, are pretty easy to find and grow in the game.

How to breed Pigs in Minecraft

To get the Pigs to breed, interact with them while holding the food. If they are at full health, they will give off hearts and look for another Pig doing the same thing. When they meet, a baby Pig will spawn. If you feed a baby Pig any of the above foods, it will give off green sparks showing they are maturing faster. Giving a Pig that has taken damage any of the above foods will heal them before they can go into Love Mode.