How to get the King Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy

Here’s how you can get King with his weapon.

Image via Hotta Studios

King is one of the SSR simulacra with a powerful Sytche in Tower of Fantasy. Being an SSR Simulacra, he is extremely powerful, and his weapon is one of the most fun weapons. When it comes to getting King for yourself, there are multiple ways you can try, but all of them depend on luck. In other words, there is no guaranteed way to get King; instead, you can try your best and hope for it to happen. This guide will briefly go over all the ways to get King.

How to unlock King Simulacra and Weapon

There are two ways to get King Simulacra and Weapon: special banners and world bosses. But as we said, it’s completely based on your luck, and both of these ways do not guarantee King Simulacra and Weapon.

Using Special Banners

Special banners are like lotteries that you pay for with the in-game currency, and they give you random rewards, including SSR characters. There are four types of special banners in Tower of Fantasy; some with better chances of rewarding you with King Simulacra and others not so much — mainly the types of banners are divided into limited-time and standard ones that are always available. You should try your luck at the standard ones for King, but if the limited-time banner features King, you are better off with one of the two limited-time.

Defeating world bosses

Another way you have a chance of getting a King Simulacra and Weapon is through getting the loot after defeating a world boss. There are a total of six world bosses that you can try and defeat. World bosses are all at different levels, so you don’t have to worry about being a low-level player. Here is a list of bosses that you can easily defeat with the help of a proper guide.

Once you defeat any of these world bosses, loot the chest with perfect decipher to have a chance of randomly getting an SSR King Simulacra and Weapon.