Tower of Fantasy PDW1 password and location

Here is how you can get an extra Golden Nucleus.

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There is a lot to explore in Tower of Fanastay, and certain things are more challenging than others. Deconstruction Devices are one of the most challenging activities in the game, but the payoff is worth it. There are three of these Deconstruction Devices that you can find throughout the world. Finding them is a difficult task, and after finding them, you will need their password to grab the reward from inside. Finding each Deconstruction Device will reward you with a Golden Nucleus, so it’s worth finding all of them. Here is where you can find the Deconstruction Device PDW1 and its password.

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Deconstruction Device PDW1 location

Screenshot by Gamepur

The location for the Deconstruction Device PDW1 is at the Aarniel Fortress, Warren Snowfield. You can find it on a huge aircraft on the map. To reach the location, you can teleport to the Spacerift: Aarniel Fortress and head to the Deconstruction Device PDW1’s location.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you are near the location, look for a large, glowing pipe. In front of that pipe, you will find the deck where Deconstruction Device PDW1 is, and you need to use flying to get there. Like any Deconstruction Device, it has a diamond shape and an orange glow emanating from the top.

Deconstruction Device PDW1 password

When you find the Deconstruction Device PDW1 and interact with it, it will need a password to unlock. Finding the password is a lot of work, as you need to try out different combinations and look in the nearby area. If you don’t want to solve the puzzle and directly get the reward, here is the password for Deconstruction Device PDW1 in Tower of Fantasy:

  • 8521

To dial the password, interact with the device, and type the right numbers in the panel. After putting in the right password, it opens, and you will be able to loot the Golden Nucleus. You can use the Nucleus for special orders to get a chance to pull an SSR character.