Two Wrongs Make Us Right gig – Cyberpunk 2077

Watch out for turrets.

Cyberpunk 2077

In the Two Wrongs Make Us Right gig, you are better off deciding if you want to go a stealthy route or an all-guns-blazing route right from the start. If you try stealth and get caught out, the awkward layout of the area this mission takes place in makes being caught with enemies on all sides a tough scenario.

If you want to just shoot your way in, simply start at the top and take out every enemy you see. If you want to go for a quieter, more skilled approach, then this guide will help you out.

Start by making your way to the waypoint, then moving down the ramps into the unfinished tunnels. You will come to an enemy on your left. Sneak past here, then come in from behind and snap her neck. Keep on going down, ignoring the three other enemies further down this level, they are not important.

When you get down a level you have a very important job to do. There is a turret that you will need to hack and make friendly. This is a rocket launching turret, and if you don’t hack it, it will more than likely nuke you before you can make your escape in the van. Hack the turret and make it friendly, then hack the radio and lights near it and use them to distract enemies.

Now, go down one more level and make your way towards the other end. There is still one guy on the left that can see you, but he won’t be able to keep sight of you for long enough to raise the alarm. You will come to a container with a speaker on the right side. Hack the speaker to distract an enemy, then sneak up and neck snap him. Now you can slowly make your way to the van, then neck snap the guy who is hanging out near it.

Jump in the van and drive straight ahead, up the tunnel, then take a hard left. You need to be smooth here, don’t get caught up on any obstacles. There is another rocket turret right outside, and if you give it even a second to aim it will lock on and kill you. You need to be through the tunnel entrance, turn left, then take a hard right and speed off down the road before this can happen.

After that, just follow the waypoint and drop off the van to finish up the gig and get paid.