Warframe Damage Guide – What Are Infested Weak Against

Infested enemies in Warframe can be a pain to put down if players down prepare with damage they’e weak against.


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Warframe’s universe has a dark history involving biological warfare and an infection that takes over organic life, creating Infested. The creatures of this faction can be found in various locations, but putting them down isn’t always easy.

Infested is one of the most interesting factions in the game. Victims of a terrible and ancient plague that’s transformed Corpus and Gineer into soldiers serving a greater purpose. We love them because they’re a totally unique take on space zombies in what is already an incredible and expansive universe. However, fighting them isn’t as easy as early game enemies, meaning players must put more thought into how to put them down.

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What Are Infested Weak Against in Warframe

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Infested enemies are weak against Slash, Heat, and Corrosive damage types. The one that most players, ourselves included, opt to use is Heat because not only is it efficient, but filling a room of Infested with Heat-based attacks and abilities looks amazing.

Infested enemies will buckle and break when hit with any of these damage types, but a combination of Corrosive or Heat with Slash will down them the fastest. Grendel or Grendel Prime is a great Warframe to use when facing off against Infested because it’s able to swallow enemies and spit them out to deal Corrosive damage.

What Are Infested in Warframe

Image via Digital Extremes

Infested are the tragic result of biological warfare gone wrong. Microscopic techno-organic parasites have overtaken and mutated the bodies of Corpus and Grineer so they serve the mass of infection that wants to break free from its containment and take over the universe. Thankfully, in the modern era, the Tenno have managed to contain the Infested, even though there are outbreaks from time to time.

The best encounter with Infested in Warframe is when players reach Deimos. This moon has been completely consumed by the parasites, showing what can happen if Infested are left unchecked on any world. This is why it’s so important to tackle them where they’re found and not leave them to grow and take root.

The Heart of Deimos expansion, which introduced the Infested to Warframe, is the one that got us to start playing the game. Its cast of colorful characters and the gross infection covering the moon looked too good to stay away from. It’s also where players can get the Orokin Animus Matrix, a hulking outfit that annihilates enemies, especially Infested.